Institution Information
Name: Howard University
Center: HSRC (1989) - Great Lakes/Mid Atlantic HSRC
EPA Region:3
Street Address:2400 Sixth St NW
Zip Code:20059

Associated Project Details for: Howard University
3 Projects listed for this institution:
R825540C002 Molecular Modeling of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants Uptake and Sequestration by Soil Organic Matter Center   September 30, 2001
R825540C003 The Use of Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Membranes for the Separation, Recovery, and Reuse of Surfactant/Contaminant Solutions Center   September 30, 2001
R825540C004 A Contained Simulation of Field Application of Genetically Engineered Microorganisms (Gems) for the Bioremediation of PCB Contaminated Soils Center   September 30, 2001

8 Additional Projects listed as performed at this location:989
R828770 Midwest Hazardous Substance Research Center Center October 1, 2001 through September 30, 2006
R828770C008 Interaction of Various Plant Species with Microbial PCB-Degraders in Contaminated Soils Center October 1, 2001 through September 30, 2003
R830093 The Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEINT) Center September 1, 2008 through September 1, 2013
F07P10227 Evaluation of Seasonal Wet and Dry Deposition in Washington DC Fellowship July 24, 2007 through April 24, 2009
MA916979 A Study Of Airborne Bacterial Diversity In Washington D.C. Using Non-Culture Based Techniques Fellowship September 1, 2008 through August 31, 2011
U915984 Denitrification Coupled Biotreatment of PAHs for Treating Wet Soils Fellowship January 1, 2001 through January 1, 2002
R829626 Dendritic Nanoscale Chelating Agents: Synthesis, Characterization, Molecular Modeling and Environmental Applications Grant May 1, 2002 through April 30, 2005
R832525 Cellular Uptake and Toxicity of Dendritic Nanomaterials: An Integrated Physicochemical and Toxicogenomics Study Grant November 1, 2005 through November 30, 2008