Institution Information
Name: Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
EPA Region:3
Street Address:3300 Metzerott Rd
Zip Code:00000

Associated Project Details for: Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
4 Projects listed for this institution:
R825245 Dynamic Exchange of Volatile Species and Semivolatile Organic Contaminants Across the Air-Water Interface of the Chesapeake Bay Grant October 1, 1996 through September 30, 1999
R827581 Coal Combustion Wastes: New Concerns About an Old Problem Grant August 15, 1999 through August 14, 2000
R827631 Response of Methylmercury Production and Accumulation to Changes in Hg Loading: A Whole-ecosystem Mercury Loading Study Grant October 1, 1999 through September 30, 2002
R827653 Understanding the Role of Sulfur in the Production and Fate of Methylmercury in Watersheds Grant October 1, 1999 through September 30, 2002