Institution Information
Name: U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPA Region:5
Street Address:Ecological Exposure Research Division 26 West Martin Luther King Drive
Zip Code:45268

Associated Project Details for: U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
6 Projects listed for this institution:
DW-75-92243901 Integrating Earth Observation and Field Data into a Lyme Disease Model to Map and Predict Risks to Biodiversity and Human Health Grant January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2008
R826614 Multi-Objective Decision-Making for Environmental Remediation Grant September 1, 1998 through August 31, 2001
R826939 CISNet: Coral Bleaching, UV Effects, and Multiple Stressors in the Florida Keys Grant October 1, 1998 through September 30, 2001
R827085 ECOHAB:Florida – An In-depth Study of Toxic Dinoflagellate Karenia brevis (formerly known as Gymnodinium breve) Grant October 15, 1998 through September 30, 2002
R829428 Activation of Ki-ras During Transplacental Carcinogenesis Grant October 1, 2001 through September 30, 2004
R830545 Chronic Exposure to Particulate Matter and Cardiopulmonary Disease Grant January 20, 2003 through January 19, 2006

5 Additional Projects listed as performed at this location:2285
R828675 Development of Environmental Indicators of Condition,Integrity, and Sustainability in the Coastal Regions of the US Great Lakes Basin Center January 11, 2001 through January 31, 2005
R828675C001 Great Lakes Diatom and Water Quality Indicators Center January 10, 2001 through January 9, 2005
R828675C002 Vegetative Indicators of Condition, Integrity, and Sustainability of Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands Center January 10, 2001 through January 9, 2005
R828675C003 Testing Indicators of Coastal Ecosystem Integrity Using Fish and Macroinvertebrates Center January 10, 2001 through January 9, 2005
R828675C005 Development and Evaluation of Chemical Indicators for Monitoring Ecological Risk Center January 10, 2001 through January 9, 2005