Institution Information
Name: Auburn University Main Campus
EPA Region:4
Street Address:23 Samford Hall
Zip Code:36849

Associated Project Details for: Auburn University Main Campus
16 Projects listed for this institution:
F6A10013 The Fate, Transport, and Microbial Effects of Veterinary Antimicrobials in the Environment Fellowship September 1, 2006 through September 1, 2008
F6A10603 Allocation of Biomass Derived Products for Optimal Economic and Environmental Performance Fellowship September 1, 2006 through September 1, 2009
FP917317 Ecological Consequences of Herbivore Adaptation to Toxic Cyanobacteria: Implications for the Control of Freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms Fellowship September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2014
MA916304 Conservation of a Florida Carnivorous Plant: Godfrey's Butterwort, Pinguicula ionantha Fellowship January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2006
U916206 Bridging Science With Management: Optimizing Habitat Quality for Black Bears on a Landscape Level by Manipulating Spatio-Temporal Parameters of Clearcuts Fellowship January 1, 2003 through January 1, 2006
GR832212 Sequestration of Subsurface Elemental Mercury (Hg0) Grant March 1, 2005 through March 31, 2008
GR832373 Synthesis and Application of a New Class of Stabilized Nanoscale Iron Particles for Rapid Destruction of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Soil and Groundwater Grant August 1, 2005 through July 31, 2008
R825148 Genomic Database for Cryptosporidium spp. Grant September 23, 1996 through September 22, 1999
R825409 Investigation of the Entrapment and Surfactant Enhanced Recovery of Nonaqueous Phase Liquids in Heterogeneous Sandy Media Grant November 1, 1996 through October 31, 1999
R831431 A Novel Ion Exchange Process for Selective Removal of As(V) and Enhanced Stability of Process Residuals Grant November 1, 2003 through October 31, 2005
R831645 Pretreatment of Agricultural Residues Using Aqueous Ammonia for Fractionation and High Yield Saccharification Grant June 1, 2004 through May 31, 2006
R831953 Mast Cell Mediated Cardiac Effects of Particulate Matter Grant October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2007
R832276 Interaction of Ecosystems, Fires, Air Quality and Climate Change in the Southeast Grant April 1, 2005 through March 31, 2009
SU833566 Place-Based Green Building: Integrating Local Environmental and Planning Analysis into Green Building Guidelines Grant August 1, 2007 through March 31, 2008
SU836122 Development of 3D-printed surfaces for ultra-high surface area trickling biofilters for water pollution remediation Grant September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016
SV836951 Development of 3D-printed surfaces for ultra-high surface area biofilters for water pollution remediation Grant February 1, 2017 through January 31, 2019