Nanoparticle-Based Lateral Flow Microarray Test Strip Assay

EPA Contract Number: EPD07031
Title: Nanoparticle-Based Lateral Flow Microarray Test Strip Assay
Investigators: Venkatasubbarao, Srivatsa
Small Business: Intelligent Optical Systems Inc.
EPA Contact: Richards, April
Phase: I
Project Period: March 1, 2007 through August 31, 2007
Project Amount: $70,000
RFA: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) - Phase I (2007) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Nanotechnology , SBIR - Nanotechnology , Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)


Nanoparticles exhibit unique optical properties that can be exploited in the development of highly sensitive assay systems. This project describes the development of a lateral flow test strip microarray that will utilize nanoparticle amplification to detect waterborne pathogens. Waterborne pathogens have been chosen for this study because they can cause severe illness, and even death, and therefore the identification of these pathogens in water is critical. The proposed system will be field-usable, easy to operate, and inexpensive. Furthermore, it will have very high sensitivity and multiplex capabilities to allow detection of several different pathogens simultaneously in a single assay. In the proposed Phase I project, the lateral flow test strip microarrays will incorporate the nanoparticle amplification strategy, and a sensitive and inexpensive hand-held reader will be fabricated. The Phase I feasibility will be demonstrated by simultaneously testing three different pathogens in a water sample. We will demonstrate the ability of this technology to meet or exceed the performance of laboratory-based ELISA test kits. We also will describe the path that will lead to truly multiplexed assays in Phase II and beyond. The successful completion of this project will result in an indispensable tool to be used in water treatment facilities. It also will be beneficial in food testing and medical applications. Beyond these civilian uses, the proposed technology will be useful for detecting pathogens in military environments.

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small business, SBIR, EPA, nanoparticles, lateral flow test strip microarrays, waterborne pathogens, water treatment,, RFA, Scientific Discipline, Sustainable Industry/Business, Environmental Chemistry, Sustainable Environment, Technology for Sustainable Environment, Environmental Engineering, waterborne patogen detection, drinking water, nanotechnology, pathogen removal, environmentally applicable nanoparticles, nanomaterials, nanoparticles

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