Reduction of NOx From Diesel Engines Using Nitrogen-Enriched Air

EPA Contract Number: 68D70047
Title: Reduction of NOx From Diesel Engines Using Nitrogen-Enriched Air
Investigators: Nemser, Stuart
Small Business: Compact Membrane Systems Inc.
EPA Contact: Richards, April
Phase: II
Project Period: September 1, 1997 through September 1, 1999
Project Amount: $224,900
RFA: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) - Phase II (1997) Recipients Lists
Research Category: SBIR - Air Pollution , Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) , Air Quality and Air Toxics


In Phase I, pilot-scale membrane modules were fabricated and simply integrated into a water cooled diesel generator. Modules weighing 1-2 lbs. demonstrated a 50-70% reduction in NOX emissions on a 200 lbs/4 HP diesel generator, with no significant change in carbon monoxide or smoke emissions. These emission reduction trends agreed with simulations. Demonstrations and engineering analysis showed that for a 450 HP heavy duty diesel truck at full load, a membrane system could be supplied that would use only 3% of available power or fuel, reduce Nox emissions by 50-70%, occupy 0.56 ft3 and cost only $300.

In Phase II, we will produce large-scale membranes (100 - 200 cfm), perform short- and long-term testing of membranes, integrate membranes into a light duty diesel automotive engine, and evaluate this membrane system/engine in appropriate EPA-FTP and SAE test procedures. Additional Phase II activity will include building large-scale membranes for heavy duty diesel engine tests, performing intermediate term testing of an integrated membrane/light duty diesel engine system, and demonstrating next generation membranes. This membrane technology has broad dual-use value. It can supply nitrogen-enriched air for NOx reduction and oxygen-enriched air for cold start or particulate emission reduction. Because the membrane modules can simply be introduced between the turbocharger and engine for NOx reduction, with no other significant components, they are ideally suited for both immediate use in retrofit applications and original equipment introduction.

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    Reduction of NOX from Diesel Engines Using Nitrogen Enriched Air