Two Stage Perchlorate Remediation System

EPA Grant Number: F07P41144
Title: Two Stage Perchlorate Remediation System
Investigators: Hicks, Zachary
Institution: Colgate University
EPA Project Officer: Michaud, Jayne
Project Period: August 14, 2007 through May 14, 2009
Project Amount: $41,500
RFA: GRO Fellowships for Undergraduate Environmental Study (2007) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Academic Fellowships


Conventional ion exchange technology requires frequent regeneration of the ion-exchange resins and subsequent disposal of the regenerate solutions. The disposal of these wastes poses environmental challenges and it is not an economically favorable option. This research will develop the second stage of a 2 stage perchlorate remediation system that makes use of microbial reduction of perchlorate under anoxic conditions.


In the first stage an efficient ion-exchanger optimized for perchlorate removal will be utilized. The initial research will focus on laboratory culture experiments, and based on those results an appropriate packed bed reactor (PBR) will be developed for the complete remediation of high concentrations of perchlorate that are found in the ion-exchange regenerates.

Supplemental Keywords:

Scientific Discipline, Waste, Chemical Engineering, Remediation, microbial degradation, perchlorate, acceptable residue levels, remediation technologies, packed bed reactor, environmental chemistry, ion-exchanger

Progress and Final Reports:

  • 2008
  • Final