2009 Progress Report: Nonlinear Response of Pacific Northwest Estuaries to Changing Hydroclimatic Conditions: Flood Frequency, Recovery Time and Resilience

EPA Grant Number: R833015
Title: Nonlinear Response of Pacific Northwest Estuaries to Changing Hydroclimatic Conditions: Flood Frequency, Recovery Time and Resilience
Investigators: Wheatcroft, Robert A. , D'Andrea, Anthony F.
Institution: Oregon State University
EPA Project Officer: Hiscock, Michael
Project Period: July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2010
Project Period Covered by this Report: August 1, 2008 through July 31,2009
Project Amount: $620,182
RFA: Nonlinear Responses to Global Change in Linked Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems and Effects of Multiple Factors on Terrestrial Ecosystems: A Joint Research Solicitation- EPA, DOE (2005) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Global Climate Change , Ecosystems , Climate Change


This project seeks to develop a process‐based understanding of the impact of flood sedimentation events on the benthic invertebrate communities of Pacific Northwest sand flats. To do achieve this we have conducted a set of manipulative field experiments that have simulated varying intensities of flood deposition. Biological and sedimentological sampling before and after the flood simulations has provided a rich data set that is undergoing analysis and dissemination.

Progress Summary:

 A very large number of samples were generated during the field experiments and the primary activity during year 2 has been their analysis. In particular, taxonomic sorting and identification to the species level has been completed on >80% of the samples. Additionally, sedimentologic analyses of porosity, total organic carbon content, and chlorophyll, as well as oxygen micro‐electrode profiles was completed for the majority of timespace samples. The results of our preliminary data analysis have been presented at several meetings, including an EPA workshop in Seattle (May 2009).

Future Activities:

Produce written publications in peer‐reviewed journals.

Journal Articles:

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Supplemental Keywords:

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