Contributions of Prescribed and Wildland Fire to Air Quality in the Southern Sierra Nevada, California

EPA Grant Number: F5B61260
Title: Contributions of Prescribed and Wildland Fire to Air Quality in the Southern Sierra Nevada, California
Investigators: Cisneros, Ricardo
Institution: University of California - Merced
EPA Project Officer: Zambrana, Jose
Project Period: August 1, 2005 through August 1, 2008
Project Amount: $101,952
RFA: GRO Fellowships for Graduate Environmental Study (2005) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Academic Fellowships


The goals of this research project is to determine the contribution wildland and prescribed fire to particulate matter (PM2.5), and ozone in the Southern Sierra Nevada, and to assess the impacts of fire on air quality.


A network for monitoring ambient ozone and particulate matter in the Southern Sierra will be established. This network will include active and passive monitors and will allow for estimations of air pollutants resulting from anthropogenic and agricultural activities. During Fire events (Prescribed or Wildfire), mobile instruments will supplement the fixed air monitoring network and would be deployed near the fire. This will help characterize effects of fire on ground level ozone and PM2.5.

Expected Results:

The information developed from this study will help determining the contribution of wildland and prescribed fire to PM2.5 and ground level ozone concentrations, and will help fill the information gap of fire effects on air quality in the Southern Sierra Nevada.

Supplemental Keywords:

fire, air quality, prescribed fire, wildland fire, wildfire, ozone, particulate matter, meteorology, Sierra Nevada, Southern Sierra Nevada, fire ecology, forest fires, geostatistical models, BlueSky, wildland fire managers, federal land managers, San Joaquin Valley, air monitoring, ecosystems, smoke, criteria pollutants, human health, forest health, public health, visibility, smoke emissions,, RFA, Scientific Discipline, Air, particulate matter, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Monitoring, Ecology and Ecosystems, Atmosphere, ambient air quality, atmospheric particulate matter, prescribed fires, ambient measurement methods, airborne particulate matter, air sampling, airborne aerosols, aerosol composition, ozone monitoring

Progress and Final Reports:

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