Environmental Values and National Economic Accounts

EPA Grant Number: R824671
Title: Environmental Values and National Economic Accounts
Investigators: Flores, Nicholas E.
Institution: University of Colorado at Boulder
EPA Project Officer: Lee, Sonja
Project Period: October 1, 1995 through June 1, 1997 (Extended to November 1, 1997)
Project Amount: $43,395
RFA: Valuation and Environmental Policy (1995) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Economics and Decision Sciences


Recently, suggestions have been made for revising or supplementing national economic accounts so that they reflect welfare changes associated with the degradation of environmental goods and natural resources. This project will provide a comprehensive theoretical examination of potential account revisions. The examination will seek to answer the question: which national account revisions provide information that allows for meaningful comparisons of social welfare? The results of this analysis will provide insight into how to interpret suggested account revisions, emphasize the limitations of these suggestions, and to identify new potential directions for adjusting national economic accounts so that environmental values are accurately reflected.

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RFA, Scientific Discipline, Economic, Social, & Behavioral Science Research Program, Ecology, Economics, Ecology and Ecosystems, decision-making, Social Science, Economics & Decision Making, ecosystem valuation, human welfare, policy analysis, public resources, valuation, decision analysis, environmental assets, incentives, public issues, valuing environmental quality, environmental values, natural resources, environmental policy, theoretical analysis, public values, public policy, economic objectives, national income accounting

Progress and Final Reports:

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