2004 Progress Report: Training and Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TTAB) Communities for the Western Region

EPA Grant Number: R831576
Title: Training and Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TTAB) Communities for the Western Region
Investigators: Williamson, Kenneth J. , Lach, Denise H.
Current Investigators: Williamson, Kenneth J. , Semprini, Lewis
Institution: Oregon State University
EPA Project Officer: Lasat, Mitch
Project Period: April 10, 2004 through April 9, 2007
Project Period Covered by this Report: April 10, 2004 through April 9, 2005
Project Amount: $382,500
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Research Category: HSRC - TTAB Brownfields , Hazardous Waste/Remediation , Land and Waste Management


The objectives of this research project are to: (1)deliver community-specific brownfields redevelopment training and technical assistance; (2) provide resource and information brokering; and (3) engage in brownfields-related outreach and education, promoting the ideas and concepts of brownfields redevelopment.

Progress Summary:

The following is a list of communities that the Western region Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TAB) Program assisted during the period of this report and a summary of the major accomplishments and activities engaged in with each group. In addition, TAB had contact with several other communities/entities in a less extensive way, providing one-time assistance such as responding to inquiries and connecting with the proper resources, reference materials, or persons/agencies.

City of Spokane Brownfields Program

Spokane, Washington. TAB provided a variety of assistance to this Brownfields Assessment Grant recipient. TAB met with the Brownfields Coordinator and offered advice on building a successful program, writing a request for proposal for consultant services, and participating in the consultant selection committee. Working with the chosen consultant and their community outreach subcontractors, TAB helped with two community meetings by making presentations on Brownfields Basics and by creating informational displays describing the assessment process.

TAB then designed and facilitated a half-day stakeholder workshop designed to develop community-based criteria for the prioritizing and selection of brownfield sites for assessment and promotion through the redevelopment process. The method was adapted from a journal article describing a similar workshop held in Michigan. Stakeholders included those from the community, a developer, environmental agencies, city planning agencies, and brownfields redevelopment financial institutions.

Eliot Neighborhood Association

Portland, Oregon. TAB was contacted by the Portland Development Commission about providing technical assistance to the Association pertaining to the demolition and cleanup of the Grant Warehouse, a brownfield site in Northeast Portland, Oregon. TAB met with the community group in May of 2004 to offer assistance.

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

Phoenix, Arizona. TAB assisted the leaders of this community with actions taken under their U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Assessment and Cleanup grants. TAB involvement included site visits, the creation of a brochure about the project, and assistance in planning a community open house at the site to explain the project and proposed activities.

Richmond Redevelopment Agency

Richmond, California. TAB assisted this agency with outreach activities taken under their EPA Brownfields Assessment grant by creating a Community Involvement Plan, offering information on environmental justice, and attending community meetings.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Brownfields Program

Portland, Oregon. TAB participated in the quarterly brownfields working group meetings organized by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. These meetings bring together state brownfields professionals from both the public and private sectors. TAB facilitated a discussion at one of these quarterly meetings. The discussion was designed to assist a community group (Retired Senior Volunteer Program [RSVP]-St. Helens, below) with taking the next steps in redeveloping two brownfields sites in their community.

San Benito County

Hollister, California. TAB assisted this EPA Assessment grantee by providing information on innovative assessment techniques and community involvement activities. TAB attended the technical meeting in December 2004 that brought together various agencies and experts to discuss the brownfield site, an abandoned mercury mine. TAB reviewed a proposal for the site and helped develop a list of stakeholders to include in community outreach activities.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

St. Helens, Oregon. TAB attended weekly meetings with this group to help promote the redevelopment of two sites in their community. TAB assisted with property owner contact and with the RSVP volunteers and property owner and designed an open house to showcase one of the properties to developers, real estate professionals, and other interested parties. The outcome was renewed interest from developers for which the property owner, the Port of St. Helens, gives credit to the RSVP group’s efforts.

Lula Washington Contemporary Dance Foundation

Los Angeles, California. TAB visited this EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grantee to offer advice on community outreach efforts and cleanup technology options and additional funding sources. TAB reviewed a risk assessment and a feasibility study for cleanup of contamination at the site.

Future Activities:

We will follow up/continue working with existing communities and develop new community contacts and working relationships.

Journal Articles:

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Supplemental Keywords:

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