Dry Woodland Phenology: Carbon Storage as Endogenous Control of Leaf Flush

EPA Grant Number: U915427
Title: Dry Woodland Phenology: Carbon Storage as Endogenous Control of Leaf Flush
Investigators: Richer, Renee A.
Institution: Harvard University
EPA Project Officer: Michaud, Jayne
Project Period: September 1, 1998 through September 1, 2001
Project Amount: $77,013
RFA: STAR Graduate Fellowships (1998) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Academic Fellowships , Ecological Indicators/Assessment/Restoration , Fellowship - Ecology and Ecosystems


The objectives of this research project are to test whether: (1) fluctuating levels of stored carbohydrates regulate patterns of leaf flush in dry woodlands; and (2) changes in stored carbohydrates induce phenological shifts as a result of elevated atmospheric CO2.


I will test the carbon hypothesis over a 3-year period, beginning in August of 1998. The project will be comprised of three components using an integrated series of experiments. First, I will observe the seasonal timing of leaf flush in adult and juvenile dry woodland trees and relate these patterns to levels of stored carbohydrates to determine whether patterns of flushing are correlated with levels of carbohydrate storage. Second, using a small, common tree species as a model, I will experimentally manipulate stored-carbohydrate levels, and determine whether levels of stored carbohydrates regulate the timing of leaf flush. Third, I will grow dominant, dry woodland tree species under conditions of elevated CO2 to test whether global change conditions result in changes in carbon storage and subsequent phenological shifts.

Supplemental Keywords:

fellowship, dry woodland, phenology, leaf flush.

Progress and Final Reports:

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