The Measurement of the Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Tropospheric Ozone

EPA Grant Number: R823117
Title: The Measurement of the Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Tropospheric Ozone
Investigators: Thiemens, Mark
Institution: University of California - San Diego
EPA Project Officer: Shapiro, Paul
Project Period: August 15, 1996 through September 14, 1999
Project Amount: $211,727
RFA: Exploratory Research - Chemistry and Physics of Air (1995) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Air , Engineering and Environmental Chemistry


The sources, sinks, transformation mechanisms and transport of tropospheric ozone is inadequately understood at present. The purpose of this study is to develop isotopic measurement techniques and to utilize these measurements to provide greater insight into these presently poorly resolved issues. The first component of the program is to develop the ability to quantitatively collect and purify tropospheric ozone. Isotope ratio measurements will be utilized to perform high precision isotope ratio measurements of all three oxygen isotopes ( 17O and 18O). The second focus of the program is to initiate field measurements of ozone isotopes. Regions of differing sources and sinks, such as urban, rural, marine and high altitude will be done. Individual sources of ozone have characteristic isotopic signatures which are utilized for their recognition and quantification. Similarly, differing sinks have specific, identifiable isotopic signatures. Laboratory experimental measurements ensure the highest resolution of the differing ozone sources and sinks and permit modeling of an air parcels ozone chemical heritage. The measurements will provide new details of the tropospheric ozone budget.

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air, ambient air, atmosphere, stratospheric ozone, ozone, oxidants, environmental chemistry, western, pacific coast, California, CA, Region 9, RFA, Scientific Discipline, Air, Geographic Area, Physics, Chemistry, State, tropospheric ozone, Atmospheric Sciences, EPA Region, fate and transport, Region 9, stratospheric ozone, ambient air, ozone, oxidants, isotopic measurement technique, atmosphere, California, California (CA)

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