Field-Usable Compact Capillary Based Liquid/Ion Chromatographs - Real Time Gas/Aerosol Analyzers

EPA Grant Number: R825344
Title: Field-Usable Compact Capillary Based Liquid/Ion Chromatographs - Real Time Gas/Aerosol Analyzers
Investigators: Dasgupta, Purnendu K.
Institution: Towson University
EPA Project Officer: Hiscock, Michael
Project Period: October 15, 1996 through October 14, 1999
Project Amount: $333,141
RFA: Analytical and Monitoring Methods (1996) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Air Quality and Air Toxics , Environmental Statistics , Water , Land and Waste Management , Air , Ecological Indicators/Assessment/Restoration


Ion and liquid chromatography are two of the most widely used techniques in environmental analysis. Both remain relegated to the laboratory due to the lack of truly portable and robust equipment. Based on a considerable amount of preliminary work, we propose here the development of briefcase sized packed capillary and open tubular ion/liquid chromatographic instrumentation of weight under 20 lb. All operation control and data acquisition will be carried out by a laptop personal computer. The instrument will be capable of operating off AC power, or for 8h from four flatpack NiMH batteries. Both suppressed conductometric and optical detectors will be developed. These instruments will operate at single digit µL/min flow rates, using very little consumables and generating very little waste. Chromatographic efficiencies will equal or exceed those of present day conventional size benchtop instruments. Two complete systems will be built.

These chromatographs will be coupled to wetted denuders (for the collection of soluble ionogenic gases) and bead packed wetted coils (for the collection of aerosols) to devise a new generation of near-continuous gas/aerosol analysis instrumentation that are expected to be not only far more compact but also substantially more sensitive (sub-ppt for most gases, pg/m3 for most aerosol constituents) than their previous counterparts. These will be field tested by ourselves and also in collaboration with the National Center for Atmospheric Research. (NCAR). The inexpensive syringe pump driven gradient LC system will be field tested for pesticide analysis in runoffs from local cotton fields.

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ion chromatography, capillary chromatography, trace gas measurement., RFA, Scientific Discipline, Air, Ecosystem Protection/Environmental Exposure & Risk, particulate matter, Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry, Monitoring/Modeling, Engineering, environmental monitoring, ambient aerosol, ambient particle properties, environmental measurement, field portable monitoring, National Center for Atmospheric Research, optical detectors, analytical chemistry, aerosol analyzers, liquid chromatographs, real-time monitoring

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