SFC/DNP A New Analytical Approach for Environmental Monitoring Applications

EPA Grant Number: R824871
Title: SFC/DNP A New Analytical Approach for Environmental Monitoring Applications
Investigators: Dorn, Harry C.
Institution: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
EPA Project Officer: Chung, Serena
Project Period: January 8, 1997 through January 7, 1999
Project Amount: $283,737
RFA: Analytical and Monitoring Methods (1996) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Environmental Statistics , Water , Land and Waste Management , Air , Ecological Indicators/Assessment/Restoration


The objective of this proposal is the development of a new analytical instrument designed for environmental monitoring applications. Specifically, this will consist of direct-coupling continuous-flow supercritical fluid chromatography with dynamic nuclear polarization detection (SFC/DNP). The DNP detector is a variant of the well known nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) phenomena. A salient feature of the latter approach is the NMR chemical shift parameter which is a very sensitive probe of the local electronic environment about a given atom in a molecule. The DNP approach helps alleviate the sensitivity limitation of NMR by transfer of polarization from an electron spin to the nuclear spin of interest (1H, 13C, 31P, etc.). The corresponding DNP signal enhancements are proportional to the electron-to-nuclear magnetogyric ratio (_o/_n) which is on the order of 103-104 for most nuclides. In operation, the organic and inorganic toxicants will be collected and concentrated from non-aqueous (e.g., contaminated soils) and aqueous sources (e.g., municipal waste water) using adsorbent traps (e.g., Tenax, XAD, etc.). The extract will then be injected onto a supercritical fluid (CO2) chromatographic column with 1H and 13CDNP detection.

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analytical, instrument, environmental monitoring, waste water, chromatographic, aqueous., Scientific Discipline, Ecosystem Protection/Environmental Exposure & Risk, Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry, Monitoring/Modeling, Engineering, environmental monitoring, nuclear magnetic resonance, chemical characteristics, adsorbent traps, contaminated sediment, NMR, SFC/DNP, municipal wastewater, dynamic nuclear polarization detection, supercritical fluid chromatography, direct coupling

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