Development and Characterization of a New Heavy-Metal Selective Inorganic Ion Exchanger

EPA Grant Number: R825422
Title: Development and Characterization of a New Heavy-Metal Selective Inorganic Ion Exchanger
Investigators: Sengupta, Arup K.
Current Investigators: Sengupta, Arup K. , DeMarco, Matthew , Greenleaf, John , Kney, Arthur D. , Leun, David
Institution: Lehigh University
EPA Project Officer: Lasat, Mitch
Project Period: November 1, 1996 through October 31, 1998 (Extended to December 31, 2000)
Project Amount: $218,643
RFA: Exploratory Research - Water Engineering (1996) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Water , Land and Waste Management , Engineering and Environmental Chemistry


The primary goals of the project are to synthesize and develop a hybrid inorganic ion exchanger and investigate its selective heavy-metal-removal properties. The proposed exchanger will not require any environmentally regulated chemical for its synthesis. Laboratory studies will be carried out to optimize the synthesis process and characterize the exchanger pertaining to its various physico-chemical properties. One of the major goals of the project is to benchmark the heavy-metal-removal performance of this new exchanger in comparison with commercial chelating exchangers. The regenerability of this new exchanger and its ability for multiple-cycle operation will be looked into. Attempts will also be made to assess the role of heterogeneity on the underlying metals sorption mechanism.

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water, drinking water, heavy metal removal, inorganic ion exchanger, performance, comparison with commercial chelating exchanger, metals sorption mechanism,, RFA, Scientific Discipline, Water, POLLUTANTS/TOXICS, Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemicals, Arsenic, Water Pollutants, Drinking Water, Engineering, Chemistry, & Physics, metal-chelate complexes, chelating exchanger, chemical composition, chemical detection techniques, metal speciation, treatment, physicochemical, other - risk management, drinking water contaminants, heavy metals, ion exchange

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