A High Performance Analytic Element Model: GIS Interface, Calibration Tools, and Application to the Niagara Falls Region

EPA Grant Number: R827961
Title: A High Performance Analytic Element Model: GIS Interface, Calibration Tools, and Application to the Niagara Falls Region
Investigators: Rabideau, Alan J. , Becker, Matthew W. , Flewelling, Douglas
Current Investigators: Rabideau, Alan J.
Institution: University of Buffalo
Current Institution: The State University of New York at Buffalo
EPA Project Officer: Hahn, Intaek
Project Period: March 1, 2000 through February 28, 2003 (Extended to April 1, 2004)
Project Amount: $996,545
RFA: Computing Technology for Ecosystem Modeling (1999) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Environmental Statistics


The proposed project activities include:

·Development of a high performance groundwater flow model based on the analytic element method (AEM), with an emphasis on MPI-based portability.
·Development and comparison of automated calibration/optimization tools based on: 1) nonlinear regression and 2) the genetic algorithm.
·Development of a GIS-based graphical user interface for the modeling system.
·Extensive testing of the modeling system on 3 high-performance parallel computing platforms: the SGI Origin, the IBM SP, and a heterogeneous Sun workstation cluster.
·Application of the modeling tools to a case study of regional groundwater flow in the Niagara Falls/Lake Ontario region, including comparisons with previous efforts based on the traditional finite difference approach.

Expected Results:

In addition to research reports and journal articles documenting the above activities, the project will produce a public domain modeling system that has been extensively tested on 3 leading edge massively parallel platforms, thus ensuring portability to nearly any parallel environment. The calibration/optimization algorithm will take advantage of the unique features of AEM and the inherently parallel genetic algorithm, thus extending the power of automated inverse methods to very large-scale regional problems. The project will also promote the development and use of AEM models through a national workshop and regional distance learning course, and be coordinated with concurrent EPA initiatives in ecosystem modeling, particularly the Multimedia Integrated Modeling System (MIMS).

Publications and Presentations:

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Supplemental Keywords:

groundwater, ecosystem, analytic element method, AEM, modeling, calibration tools.,

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http://www.groundwater.buffalo.edu Exit

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