Analysis of Organic Byproducts from the use of Ozone/Chlorine and Ozone/Chloramines in Drinking Water Treatment

EPA Grant Number: R825364
Title: Analysis of Organic Byproducts from the use of Ozone/Chlorine and Ozone/Chloramines in Drinking Water Treatment
Investigators: Reckhow, David A. , Potter, Thomas
Current Investigators: Reckhow, David A.
Institution: University of Massachusetts - Amherst
EPA Project Officer: Hiscock, Michael
Project Period: January 1, 1997 through June 30, 1999
Project Amount: $355,795
RFA: Drinking Water (1996) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Drinking Water , Water


The purpose of this project is to test, develop and refine new and emerging analytical methods for non-volatile organic disinfection byproducts (DBPs), and to identify new ozonation and mixed ozonation/chloramination byproducts. These methods will focus on compounds for which methods do not currently exist. They will be described and tested in sufficient detail that method validation studies could be directly initiated from this work. This will ultimately give engineers and chemists the tools needed to take the next step in characterizing DBPs from alternative disinfectants. Early phases of this research will be conducted on pure solutions of known disinfection byproducts, and laboratory-treated model waters. However, the work will quickly progress to field samples from two New England water treatment facilities using ozone as a primary disinfectant. The main thrust of this work will be to apply some of the new and emerging techniques for aqueous-phase derivatization to "tag" non-volatile DBPs and render them more hydrophobic. Because new derivatization and extraction techniques will be used, it is expected that some new DBPs will be discovered over the course of performing this research. In addition, the results from this study will fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge of DBP evolution through distribution systems.

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