Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy for Measurement of Criteria Pollutants

EPA Contract Number: 68D00242
Title: Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy for Measurement of Criteria Pollutants
Investigators: Baer, D. S.
Small Business: Informed Diagnostics Inc.
EPA Contact: Manager, SBIR Program
Phase: I
Project Period: September 1, 2000 through March 1, 2001
Project Amount: $69,965
RFA: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) - Phase I (2000) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Ecological Indicators/Assessment/Restoration , SBIR - Monitoring , Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)


The Phase I objective is to confirm the feasibility of measuring NO with the required sensitivity in the presence of the expected background interfering species. The Clean Air Act names carbon monoxide (CO) and NOX (NO and NO2) as "criteria pollutants" that contribute to the formation of urban smog. Carbon dioxide and NOX also affect the global climate by interacting with other chemical compounds in the atmosphere to form greenhouse gases. The conventional methods of measuring these criteria pollutants have significant drawbacks related to sensitivity, cost, and/or ease of use. Informed Diagnostics, Inc., proposes to develop a cavity ring-down spectroscopy system for detecting CO, NO, and NO2 in mobile emission sources. Vehicle mounted instruments will be developed that measure CO, NO, and NO2 in vehicle exhaust in real time and feed back the measurement data to engine controls, which then adjust combustion parameters to minimize CO, NO, and NO2 emissions. We expect CO, NO, and NO2 detection sensitivities (for 10-9 cm-1 minimum detectable absorption in a 1-second measurement interval) below 1 part per million.

Supplemental Keywords:

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Progress and Final Reports:

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