In-Process Recycling of a Spent Electroless Nickel Plating Bath

EPA Contract Number: 68D98136
Title: In-Process Recycling of a Spent Electroless Nickel Plating Bath
Investigators: Renz, Robert P.
Small Business: Faraday Technology, Inc.
EPA Contact: Manager, SBIR Program
Phase: I
Project Period: September 1, 1998 through March 1, 1999
Project Amount: $69,857
RFA: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) - Phase I (1998) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: SBIR - Pollution Prevention , Pollution Prevention/Sustainable Development , Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)


The objective of this SBIR project is to develop and commercialize a novel electrochemical/electrodialysis system for in-process recycling of a spent electroless nickel (EN) plating bath. Currently, there is no technology available to treat the spent EN bath for in-process recycling. Additionally, current waste treatment processes generate a large volume of toxic sludge and, therefore, waste disposal costs are high. The proposed system will convert H2PO3, which has an adverse effect on EN deposits, to H2PO2, which is a usable component in EN, without altering the other bath constituents. Consequently, the treated bath can be in-process recycled to the EN plating operation. The system will have potential applications in aircraft, automotive, electronics, surface finishing, and other industries dealing with electroless nickel plating operations.

Supplemental Keywords:

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Progress and Final Reports:

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