2016 Progress Report: A Partnership for Credible and Relevant Science on the Health Effects ofAir Pollution

EPA Grant Number: R835902
Center: Health Effects Institute (2015 — 2020)
Center Director: Greenbaum, Daniel S.
Title: A Partnership for Credible and Relevant Science on the Health Effects ofAir Pollution
Investigators: Greenbaum, Daniel S.
Institution: Health Effects Institute
EPA Project Officer: Chung, Serena
Project Period: April 1, 2015 through March 31, 2020
Project Period Covered by this Report: April 1, 2016 through March 31,2017
Project Amount: $25,000,000
RFA: Health Effects Institute (2015) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Air


To support research on the health effects of emissions from motor vehicles, fuels, and other sources of environmental pollution. Themes guiding the research program are Continuing Challenges of Multipollutant Science, Accountability and Transparency, Assessing Emerging Fuels and Technologies, and Global Health Science.

Progress Summary:

  • Continued research on numerous studies, including three comprehensive and rigorous new studies of the effects of low levels of exposure to air pollution in a set of large and detailed population cohorts;
  • Held an expert workshop and published an RFA seeking new research on “Assessing adverse health effects of exposure to traffic-related air pollution, noise, and their interactions with socio-economic status”
  • Organized a workshop on the effect of fuel composition on PM emissions; and
  • Highlighted ongoing research at the widely attended HEI Annual Conference in April-May 2017.

Future Activities:

  • Initiate four or five new studies looking at the health effects from exposure to traffic related air pollution, and the impact of noise and socio-economic factors
  • Begin to work and form a panel to review the current literature on the health effects of traffic related air pollution
  • Publish results of the MOSES study along with a commentary from the Review Committee, and investigate the potential impact of prior pollutant exposure on the health outcomes
  • Initiate two new studies examining the impact of air pollution in vulnerable groups
  • Explore the best ways to proceed with a future research program in accountability research.

In addition, with separate funding from other sources, HEI plans to continue its efforts regarding its Energy Research Program (with particular focus on unconventional oil and gas development) as well as its Global Health program (including disease burdens attributed to ambient air pollution sources in developing countries, publication of a State of Global Air website, and continued involvement with the Global Burden of Disease project).

Supplemental Keywords:

air quality, accountability, global research, public health

Relevant Websites:

www.healtheffects.org Exit

Progress and Final Reports:

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