A Sustainable Center for Crowd-Sourced Water Infrastructure Modeling

EPA Grant Number: R835950
Center: UT Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management
Center Director: Hodges, Ben R.
Title: A Sustainable Center for Crowd-Sourced Water Infrastructure Modeling
Investigators: Hodges, Ben R. , Ames, Daniel P. , Barrett, Michael E. , Berglund, Emily , Cleveland, Theodore G. , Leite, Fernanda , Pechacek, Linda D , Rowney, A. Charles , Urbonas, Ben
Institution: The University of Texas at Austin , Brigham Young University , North Carolina State University , Texas Tech University , Urban Watersheds Research Institute
EPA Project Officer: Packard, Benjamin H
Project Period: September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2021
Project Amount: $3,999,803
RFA: National Center for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Modeling Research (2014) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Water


Develop a sustainable Center for sustainable water infrastructure modeling, encompassing research, support and code development. Implement a community-based approach to model development and management that ensures water infrastructure model code is high quality and controlled, but advances and evolves based on crowd-sourced contributions. Improved model capabilities and modularization of code are immediate value-added outputs.


A strong team and efficient approach will deliver dependable results. The men and women on the team are capable not only of the SWMM/EPANET outputs, but any reasonable future water resources extension, including groundwater,economic, Big Data, biological, treatment and other analyses and elements. The well-established Center for Research in Water Resources at UT Austin and UWRI already provide proven, efficient, sustainable centers of research, software development and training, which directly leads to sustainability of the new Center. Professional management and support, modern software development and community infrastructure, coupled with academic excellence in research, under the guidance of an Model Expert Panel and Stakeholder Committees comprised of industrial(software, consulting, monitoring/control system), academic, institutional and regulatory members, with community involvement and EPA cooperation, will lead to a non-partisan, credible and effective community hub and production model. All teams competing for this project will be canvassed as candidates for participation in the Expert Advisory Panel proposed herein.

Expected Results:

i) A sustainable Center as a hub for community and model development, maintenance, support, training, outreach and documentation. ii) SWMM and EPANET updated to a maintainable, linkable, extendable modularized format, with new biofilm, green infrastructure support modules and a quantum leap in code solution speed. iii) Ongoing training (classroom and online) supporting users and developers, and support system for all Center software, both funded by users. iv) Synergy between EPA, researchers, developers, users and software vendors.

Supplemental Keywords:

watersheds, global climate, ecosystem, innovative technology, sustainable development, hydrology, engineering, infrastructure, data integration

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Progress and Final Reports:

  • 2017 Progress Report
  • 2018