2018 Progress Report: An Integrated Decision Support Tool (I-DST) for Life-Cycle Cost Assessment and Optimization of Green, Grey, and Hybrid Stormwater Infrastructure

EPA Grant Number: R836174
Title: An Integrated Decision Support Tool (I-DST) for Life-Cycle Cost Assessment and Optimization of Green, Grey, and Hybrid Stormwater Infrastructure
Investigators: Hogue, Terri , Horvath, Arpad , Higgins, Christopher , Stokes, Jennifer , McCray, John , Geza, Mengistu , McDonald, Rob
Institution: Colorado School of Mines , The Nature Conservancy , University of California - Berkeley
EPA Project Officer: Packard, Benjamin H
Project Period: April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2020
Project Period Covered by this Report: April 1, 2018 through March 31,2019
Project Amount: $1,949,462
RFA: National Priorities: Life Cycle Costs of Water Infrastructure Alternatives (2015) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Water


Develop an integrated Decision Support Tool (i-DST) that allows for optimization and life-cycle cost assessment (LCCA) of grey, green, and hybrid stormwater infrastructure alternatives and is adaptable across the regional climate, policies, and practices of the United States. The tool will have separate modules for: (a) watershed-scale hydrology and water quality, (b) site-scale hydrology and water quality, (c) LCCA, and (d) co-benefit analysis and post processing.

Progress Summary:

Watershed-scale Hydrology/Water Quality Module

  • Further expansions of MS-Excel scenario builder for watershed-scale hydrologic module, including addition and parameterization of underground retention/detention structures.

  • 90% completion of stand-alone MS-Excel water quality calibration utility

  • Made updates and revisions to EPA SUSTAIN code (the optimization engine of i-DST) to expand its functionality: added optimization targets, edited output file, de-bugged

Site-Scale Hydrology/Water Quality Module

  • Completed development of SCM sizing and cost modules for site-scale tool

Co-Benefits Module

  • Conducted a survey of citizens in 3 US cities on opinions of green infrastructure co-benefits

  • Completed spatial analysis of greenness in 10 US cities with green infrastructure programs

  • Conducted structured stakeholder interviews in three cities to query how each city used co-benefits in their planning process and how they planned to track them post installation

Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Assessment Module

  • Implemented net present value calculation, including adjustable inflation by cost type, commodity price anchors, and environmental monetization into the life cycle tool

  • Completed functional life cycle cost and environmental impact model for SCMs based on material-, labor-, equipment-, and energy-inventories

Future Activities:

Watershed-scale Hydrology/Water Quality Module

  • Finish MS-Excel scenario builder for watershed scale tool

  • Integrate this module with life cycle assessment and life cycle cost module

  • Expand test sites to include Denver, CO and Charlotte, NC in addition to Los Angeles, CA

Site-Scale Hydrology/Water Quality Module

  • Develop SCM water quality module

  • Integrate to life cycle assessment and life cycle cost module

  • Test tool internally, with planned beta version release to SAB

Co-Benefits Module

  • Use greenness study and public perception survey to help create co-benefit score card

  • Analyze which co-benefits are feasible to incorporate into the i-DST

Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Assessment Module

  • Collect data for grey infrastructure (pipes, etc.)

  • Integrate with grey infrastructure costs and inventories

  • Design and implement scenario analyses and results dashboard in Excel tool

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Journal Article Bell C-D, Stokes-Draut J, Spahr K, Grubert E, Gallo E, McCray J-E, Hogue T-S. Decision making on the grey-green stormwater infrastructure continuum. Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment 2019;5(1). R836174 (2018)
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    Stormwater; best management practices; optimization; life cycle cost; life cycle assessment;

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