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Assessing anthropogenic impact on secondary pollutant formation in the South Eastern US via airborne formaldehyde measurements
Grant Number R835406
RFA: Anthropogenic Influences on Organic Aerosol Formation and Regional Climate Implications (2012)
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Journal Article de Gouw JA, McKeen SA, Aikin KC, Brock CA, Brown SS, Gilman JB, Graus M, Hanisco T, Holloway JS, Kaiser J, Keutsch FN, Lerner BM, Liao J, Markovic MZ, Middlebrook AM, Min K-E, Neuman JA, Nowak JB, Peischl J, Pollack IB, Roberts JM, Ryerson TB, Trainer M, Veres PR, Warneke C, Welti A, Wolfe GM. Airborne measurements of the atmospheric emissions from a fuel ethanol refinery. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 2015;120(9):4385-4397. R835406 (2014) (05/31/17)
Journal Article Kaiser J, Wolfe GM, Min KE, Brown SS, Miller CC, Jacob DJ, de Gouw JA, Graus M, Hanisco TF, Holloway J, Peischl J, Pollack IB, Ryerson TB, Warneke C, Washenfelder RA, Keutsch FN. Reassessing the ratio of glyoxal to formaldehyde as an indicator of hydrocarbon precursor speciation. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2015;15(13):7571-7583. R835406 (2014) (06/20/17)
Journal Article Kaiser J, Skog KM, Baumann K, Bertman SB, Brown SB, Brune WH, Crounse, JD, de Gouw, JA, Edgerton, ES, Feiner PA, Goldstein AH, Koss A, Misztal PK, Nguyen TB, Olson KF, St. Clair JM, Teng AP, Toma S, Wennberg PO, Wild RJ, Zhang L, Keutsch FN. Speciation of OH reactivity above the canopy of an isoprene-dominated forest. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2016;16(14):9349-9359. R835406 (Final) (08/23/17)
R835407 (Final) (08/23/17)
Journal Article Millet DB, Baasandorj M, Farmer DK, Thornton JA, Baumann K, Brophy P, Chaliyakunnel S, de Gouw JA, Graus M, Hu L, Koss A, Lee BH, Lopez-Hilfiker FD, Neuman JA, Paulot F, Peischl J, Pollack IB, Ryerson TB, Warneke C, Williams BJ, Xu J. A large and ubiquitous source of atmospheric formic acid. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2015;15(11):6283-6304. R835402 (Final) (09/21/17)
R835406 (Final) (08/23/17)