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Improving Drinking Water Quality for Small Rural Communities in Missouri
Grant Number R835173
RFA: Research and Demonstration of Innovative Drinking Water Treatment Technologies in Small Systems (2011)
Journal Article (4)
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Journal Article Hua B, Mu R, Shi H, Inniss E, Yang J. Water quality in selected small drinking water systems of Missouri rural communities. Beverages 2016;2(2):10 (11 pp.). R835173 (Final) (08/29/17)
Journal Article West DM, Wu Q, Donovan A, Shi H, Ma Y, Jiang H, Wang J. N-nitrosamine formation by monochloramine, free chlorine, and peracetic acid disinfection with presence of amine precursors in drinking water system. Chemosphere 2016;153:521-527. R835173 (Final) (08/29/17)
Journal Article Xue R, Donovan A, Shi H, Yang J, Hua B, Inniss E, Eichholz T. Rapid simultaneous analysis of 17 haloacetic acids and related halogenated water contaminants by high-performance ion chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2016;408(24):6613-6622. R835173 (Final) (09/02/17)
Journal Article Xue R, Donovan A, Zhang H, Ma Y, Adams C, Yang J, Hua B, Inniss E, Eichholz T, Shi H. Simultaneous removal of ammonia and N-nitrosamine precursors from high ammonia water by zeolite and powdered activated carbon. Journal of Environmental Sciences (China) 2018;64:82-91. R835173 (Final) (08/29/17)