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Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment: A Tool to Improve Analysis of Environmental Quality and Sustainability
Grant Number R826740
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (1998)
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Book Chapter Matthews HS. Effects of virtual mobility: environmental implications of electronic commerce systems. In: Auswirkungen der virtuellen Mobilität, Mobilitätsverhalten in der Freizeit Book Series, Berlin-Heidelberg: Springer, 2004, Chapter 9, pp. 119-131. R826740 (Final) (04/04/18)
Journal Article Matthews HS, Hendrickson CT. The economic and environmental implications of centralized stock keeping. Journal of Industrial Ecology 2002;6(2):71-81. R826740 (Final) (04/04/18)
R829597 (Final) (08/14/06)
Journal Article Matthews HS. Use versus manufacture life cycle electricity and environmental impacts for computer tape drives. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 2002;36(3):187-196. R826740 (Final) (04/04/18)