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Regional Infrastructure and Air Quality Planning in Light of Global Change
Grant Number R834283
RFA: Adaptation for Future Air Quality Analysis and Decision Support Tools in Light of Global Change Impacts and Mitigation (2008)
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Book Chapter Donaghy KP. Some extensions to interregional commodity-flow models. In: Shibusawa H, Sakurai K, Mizunoya T, Uchida S, eds. New Frontiers in Regional Science:Asian Perspectives, Vol. 24. Singapore:Springer, 2017, Chapter 9, pp.161-175. R834283 (Final) (08/18/17)
Journal Article Brown-Steiner B, Hess PG. Asian influence on surface ozone in the United States: a comparison of chemistry, seasonality, and transport mechanisms. Journal of Geophysical Research 2011;116(D17):D17309 (13 pp.). R834283 (Final) (08/18/17)
Journal Article Lamarque J-F, Emmons LK, Hess PG, Kinnison DE, Tilmes S, Vitt F, Heald CL, Holland EA, Lauritzen PH, Neu J, Orlando JJ, Rasch PJ, Tyndall GK. CAM-chem: description and evaluation of interactive atmospheric chemistry in the Community Earth System Model. Geoscientific Model Development 2012;5(2):369-411. R834283 (Final) (08/18/17)