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Technology Development and Transfer Core
Grant Number R827353C017
RFA: Airborne Particulate Matter (PM) Centers (1999)
Journal Article (3)
Reference Type Citation Progress Report Year (Date Added to Report) Document Sources
Journal Article Demokritou P, Gupta T, Ferguson S, Koutrakis P. Development and laboratory characterization of a prototype coarse particle concentrator for inhalation toxicological studies. Journal of Aerosol Science 2002;33(8):1111-1123. R825270 (Final) (08/05/09)
R827353 (Final) (08/05/09)
R827353C017 (Final) (08/05/09)
Journal Article Demokritou P, Gupta T, Koutrakis P. A high volume apparatus for the condensational growth of ultrafine particles for inhalation toxicological studies. Aerosol Science and Technology 2002;36(11):1061-1072. R825270 (Final) (02/28/08)
R827353 (Final) (02/28/08)
R827353C017 (Final) (02/28/08)
Journal Article Franklin M, Zeka A, Schwartz J. Association between PM2.5 and all-cause and specific-cause mortality in 27 US communities. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology 2007;17(3):279-287. R827353 (Final) (08/05/09)
R827353C017 (Final) (08/05/09)
R832416 (2008) (08/05/09)