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Interaction of Ecosystems, Fires, Air Quality and Climate Change in the Southeast
Grant Number R832276
RFA: Fire, Climate, and Air Quality (2004)
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Journal Article Hu Y, Odman MT, Chang ME, Jackson W, Lee S, Edgerton ES, Baumann K, Russell AG. Simulation of air quality impacts from prescribed fires on an urban area. Environmental Science & Technology 2008;42(10):3676-3682. R832276 (Final) (08/14/17)
Journal Article Lee S, Baumann K, Schauer JJ, Sheesley RJ, Naeher LP, Meinardi S, Blake DR, Edgerton ES, Russell AG, Clements M. Gaseous and particulate emissions from prescribed burning in Georgia. Environmental Science & Technology 2005;39(23):9049-9056. R832276 (Final) (08/14/17)
Journal Article Lee S, Kim HK, Yan B, Cobb CE, Hennigan C, Nichols S, Chamber M, Edgerton ES, Jansen JJ, Hu Y, Zheng M, Weber RJ, Russell AG. Diagnosis of aged prescribed burning plumes impacting an urban area. Environmental Science & Technology 2008;42(5):1438-1444. R832276 (Final) (08/14/17)
Journal Article Liu Y, Goodrick S, Achtemeier G, Jackson WA, Qu JJ, Wang W. Smoke incursions into urban areas: simulation of a Georgia prescribed burn. International Journal of Wildland Fire 2009;18(3):336-348. R832276 (Final) (11/06/18)
Journal Article Sheesley RJ, Mieritz M, DeMinter JT, Shelton BR, Schauer JJ. Development of an in situ derivatization technique for rapid analysis of levoglucosan and polar compounds in atmospheric organic aerosol. Atmospheric Environment 2015;123(Part A):251-255. R831088 (Final) (08/25/17)
R832276 (Final) (08/28/17)
Journal Article Zeng T, Wang Y. Nationwide summer peaks of OC/EC ratios in the contiguous United States. Atmospheric Environment 2011;45(3):578-586. R832276 (Final) (12/29/11)
Journal Article Zhang C, Tian HQ, Pan S, Liu M, Lockaby G, Schilling EB, Stanturf J. Effects of forest regrowth and urbanization on ecosystem carbon storage in a rural-urban gradient in the Southeastern United States. Ecosystems 2008;11(8):1211-1222. R832276 (2005) (07/29/11)
R832276 (Final) (08/14/17)
Presentation Chen H, Tian H, Zhang C, Liu M, Pan S. Effects of cropland abandonment and forest regrowth on terrestrial carbon dynamics in the southern USA. Presented at the Third USDA Symposium on Greenhouse Gases & Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture and Forests, Baltimore, MD, March 21-24, 2005. R832276 (2005) (07/29/11)
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Presentation Wang Y, Zeng T, Yoshida Y, Tian D, Russell AG, Tian H. Biofuel-driven prescribed burning and its effect on air quality in the southeastern United States. Presented at the Joint CACGP/IGAC/WMO Symposium: Atmospheric Chemistry at the Interfaces, Cape Town, South Africa, September 17-22, 2006. R832276 (2005) (07/29/11)
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