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Aethalometric Liquid Chromatographic Mass Spectrometric Instrument
Grant Number R831074
RFA: Measurement, Modeling, and Analysis Methods for Airborne Carbonaceous Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) (2003)
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Journal Article Berg JM, James DL, Berg CF, Toda K, Dasgupta PK. Gas collection efficiency of annular denuders:a spreadsheet-based calculator. Analytica Chimica Acta 2010;664(1):56-61. R831074 (Final) (08/28/17)
Journal Article Eom IY, Dasgupta PK. Frequency-selective absorbance detection:Refractive index and turbidity compensation with dual-wavelength measurement. Talanta 2006;69(4):906-913. R831074 (Final) (08/28/17)
Journal Article Lu C, Rashinkar SM, Dasgupta PK. Semicontinuous automated measurement of organic carbon in atmospheric aerosol samples. Analytical Chemistry 2010;82(4):1334-1341. R831074 (Final) (08/28/17)
Journal Article Ohira S, Dasgupta PK, Schug KA. Fiber optic sensor for simultaneous determination of atmospheric nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and relative humidity. Analytical Chemistry 2009;81(11):4183-4191. R831074 (Final) (08/28/17)
Journal Article Tian K, Dasgupta PK. A permeable membrane capacitance sensor for ionogenic gases:Application to the measurement of total organic carbon. Analytica Chimica Acta 2009;652(1-2):245-250. R831074 (Final) (08/28/17)