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Human Health Effects of Exposure to Ultrafine Particles
Grant Number R826781
RFA: Health Effects of Particulate Matter and Associated Air Pollutants (1998)
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Book Chapter Chalupa DF, Gibb FR, Morrow PE, Oberdorster G, Riesenfeld E, Gelein R, Utell MJ, Frampton MW. A facility for controlled human exposures to ultrafine particles. In: Heinrich U, Mohr U, eds. Crucial Issues in Inhalation Research: Mechanistic, Clinical and Epidemiologic. INIS Monographs. Stuttgart, Germany: Fraunhofer IRB Verlag, 2002, pp. 241-253. R826781 (Final) (10/19/09)
R827354 (Final) (10/19/09)
R832415 (2010) (10/19/09)
R832415 (2011) (10/19/09)
R832415 (Final) (10/19/09)
R832415C004 (2011) (10/19/09)
Book Chapter Frampton MW, Samet JM, Utell MJ. Exposures in outdoor air. In: Rosenstock L, Cullen MR, Brodkin CA, Redlich CA, eds. Textbook of Clinical, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2nd Edition. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Saunders, 2005, Chapter 51, pp. 1143-1149. R826781 (Final) (10/19/09)
Journal Article Huang YC, Schmitt M, Yang Z, Que LG, Stewart JC, Frampton MW, Devlin RB. Gene expression profile in circulating mononuclear cells after exposure to ultrafine carbon particles. Inhalation Toxicology 2010;22(10):835-846. R826781 (Final) (09/06/18)
R827354 (Final) (09/06/18)
Journal Article Utell MJ, Frampton MW. Toxicologic methods: controlled human exposures. Environmental Health Perspectives 2000;108(Suppl 4):605-613. R826781 (Final) (09/06/18)