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Abstract Ito K, Thurston G, Puri A, Cassino C, Rogers L, Argiriardi P, Foo FY, Reibman J. Daily PM and peak flow changes in urban adults with asthma. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2000;161(3):A308. R827351C003 (2002) (08/29/07)
R827351C003 (2003) (08/29/07)
not available
Book Chapter Chen LC. Respiratory tract deposition and penetration. In: Perkins JL, ed. Modern Industrial Hygiene, Volume 2: Biological Aspects. Cincinnati, OH: American Conference of Industrial Hygienists, 2003, Chapter 2, pp. 27-46. R827351 (Final) (03/27/08)
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Book Chapter Lippmann M. Air pollution, public health, and regulatory considerations. In: Foster WM, Costa DL, eds. Air Pollutants and the Respiratory Tract, 2nd Edition, Lung Biology in Health and Disease Volume 204. New York: Marcel Dekker, 2005, Chapter 12, pp. 405-442. R827351 (2003) (08/29/07)
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Journal Article Doherty SP, Prophete C, Maciejczyk P, Salnikow K, Gould T, Larson T, Koenig J, Jaques P, Sioutas C, Zelikoff JT, Lippmann M, Cohen MD. Detection of changes in alveolar macrophage iron status induced by select PM2.5-associated components using iron-response protein binding activity. Inhalation Toxicology 2007;19(6-7):553-562. R827351 (Final) (03/28/08)
R827352 (Final) (03/28/08)
R827355 (2004) (03/28/08)
R827355 (Final) (03/28/08)
R832413 (Final) (03/28/08)
R832413C001 (Final) (03/28/08)
Journal Article Duvall RM, Norris GA, Dailey LA, Burke JM, Mcgee JK, Gilmour MI, Gordon T, Devlin RB. Source apportionment of particulate matter in the U.S. and associations with lung inflammatory markers. Inhalation Toxicology 2008;20(7):671-683. R827351 (Final) (11/25/09)
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R827352 (Final) (11/25/09)
R827353 (Final) (09/05/18)
R827354 (Final) (09/06/18)
R827355 (Final) (09/06/18)
R832415 (2010) (11/25/09)
R832415 (2011) (11/25/09)
R832415 (Final) (11/25/09)
R832415C003 (2011) (11/25/09)
R832415C004 (2011) (11/25/09)
R832415C005 (2011) (11/25/09)
R832416 (2009) (11/25/09)
R832416C003 (2009) (11/25/09)
Journal Article Gillespie P, Tajuba J, Lippmann M, Chen LC, Veronesi B. Particulate matter neurotoxicity in culture is size-dependent. NeuroToxicology 2013;36:112-117. R827351 (Final) (09/04/18)
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Journal Article Hopke PK, Ito K, Mar T, Christiansen WF, Eatough DJ, Henry RC, Kim E, Laden F, Lall R, Larson TV, Liu H, Neas L, Pinto J, Stolzel M, Suh H, Paatero P, Thurston GD. PM source apportionment and health effects:1. Intercomparison of source apportionment results. Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology 2006;16(3):275-286. R827351 (Final) (08/22/07)
R827353 (Final) (08/22/07)
R827353C017 (Final) (08/22/07)
R827354 (Final) (08/22/07)
R827354C001 (Final) (08/22/07)
R827355 (Final) (08/22/07)
R827355C008 (Final) (08/22/07)
R832415 (2010) (08/22/07)
R832415 (2011) (08/22/07)
R832415 (Final) (08/22/07)
Journal Article Ito K, Thurston GD, Nadas A, Lippmann M. Monitor-to-monitor temporal correlation of air pollution and weather variables in the North-Central U.S. Journal of Exposure Analysis & Environmental Epidemiology 2001;11(1):21-32. R827351C001 (Final) (08/29/07)
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R827355 (Final) (01/23/08)
R832415 (2010) (01/23/08)
R832415 (2011) (01/23/08)
R832415 (Final) (01/23/08)
R832415C003 (2011) (01/23/08)
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R827351C005 (Final) (08/29/07)
R827351C006 (2003) (08/27/07)
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Presentation Lippmann M. Animal models of infection. Presented at the Society of Toxicology Workshop on Compromised Animal Models and At Risk Populations, New Orleans, LA, March 1999. R827351 (Final) (12/13/07)
not available
Presentation Lippmann M, Immunotoxicity of inhaled ambient particulate matter (PM):a role for transition metals. Presented at the Third International Meeting on Molecular Mechanisms of Metal Toxicity and Carcinogenicity, Stintino, Italy, September 2-6, 2001. R827351 (Final) (12/13/07)
not available
Presentation Lippmann M. Health effects of inhaled particulates. Presented at the International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey, June 24-27, 2003. R827351 (Final) (12/13/07)
not available
Report Lippmann M, Ito K, Nadas A, Burnett RT. Association of Particulate Matter Components with Daily Mortality and Morbidity in Urban Populations. HEI Research Report No. 95. Boston, MA: Health Effects Institute, 2000, 84 pp. R827351 (2003) (08/29/07)
R827351 (Final) (10/19/09)