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Johns Hopkins Center for Childhood Asthma in the Urban Environment

Grant Number R832139

Journal Article (6)
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Journal Article Bose S, Diette GB, Woo H, Koehler K, Romero K, Rule AM, Detrick B, Brigham E, McCormack MC, Hansel NN. Vitamin D Status Modifies the Response to Indoor Particulate Matter in Obese Urban Children with Asthma. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology-In Practice2019;7(6):1815. R832139 (Final) (07/19/19)
R834510 (Final) (07/19/19)
Journal Article Butz AM, Walker J, Pulsifer M. Shared Decision Making in Children with Asthma. Pediatric Nursing 2007;33(2):111-116. R832139 (Final) (08/01/18)
Journal Article Butz A, Sellers MD, Land C, Walker J, Tsoukleris M, Bollinger ME. Factors affecting primary care provider and caregiver concordance for pediatric asthma medications. Journal of Asthma 2009;46(3):308-313. R832139 (Final) (08/01/18)
Journal Article Kohl J, Wills-Karp M. Complement regulates inhalation tolerance at the dendritic cell/T cell interface. Molecular Immunology 2007;44(1-3):44-56. R832139 (Final) (08/01/18)
Journal Article Kohl J, Wills-Karp M. A dual role for complement in allergic asthma. Current Opinion in Pharmacology 2007;7(3):283-289. R832139 (Final) (08/01/18)
Journal Article Perkins C, Wills-Karp M, Finkelman FD. IL-4 induces IL-13-independent allergic airway inflammation. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2006;118(2):410-419. R832139 (Final) (08/01/18)