Air, Climate And Energy (ACE) Centers: Science Supporting Solutions

EPA awarded grants to create research centers at three universities to investigate the effects of changes and variations in meteorology, technology, and societal choices on local and regional air quality and health. These university research centers will provide sound science to policymakers at the state and local levels for developing strategies that reduce health and environmental impacts of air pollution.

Request for Applications closing date: September 4, 2014

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution PROJECT PERIOD Project Start Date Project End Date State
1 R835871

- Main center abstract - Solutions for Energy, AiR, Climate and Health Center (SEARCH)
SEARCH: Solutions to Energy, AiR, Climate, and Health Bell, Michelle L.
Anastas, Paul T.
Breysse, Patrick N.
Curriero, Frank
Deziel, Nicole Cardello
Eckelman, Matthew J.
Ellis, J. Hugh
Esty, Daniel C.
Gentner, Drew R.
Gentry, Bradford S.
Gillingham, Kenneth
Hobbs, Benjamin F.
Katz, Howard
Kerkez, Branko
Koehler, Kirsten
Peccia, Jordan
Peng, Roger D.
Son, Jiyoung
Storelvmo, Trude
Streets, David G.
Wara, Michael W.
Weyant, John P.
Zaitchik, Ben
Zhang, Yang
Zhang, Yawei
Zimmerman, Julie B.

- Principal Investigators listed are
sub-PIs determined by the center.
Yale University, Argonne National Laboratory, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, North Carolina State University, Northeastern University, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Stanford University, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, The Johns Hopkins University, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies October 2015 -
September 2020  
October 2015   September 2020   CT  
2 R835872

- Main center abstract - Regional Air Pollution Mixtures
Regional Air Pollution Mixtures: The past and future impacts of emissions controls and climate change on air quality and health Koutrakis, Petros
Coull, Brent
Dominici, Francesca
Schwartz, Joel
Selin, Noelle Eckley

- Principal Investigators listed are
sub-PIs determined by the center.
Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology December 2015 -
November 2020  
December 2015   November 2020   MA  
3 R835873

- Main center abstract - Center for Air, Climate, and Energy Solutions
Center for Air, Climate, and Energy Solutions (CACES) Robinson, Allen
Adams, Peter
Apte, Joshua S.
Azevedo, InĂªs L
Boies, Adam M.
Brauer, Michael
Burnett, Richard T
Coggins, Jay S.
Donahue, Neil
Ezzati, Majid
Hankey, Steve
Hill, Jason
Jaramillo, Paulina
Marshall, Julian D.
Matthews, H. Scott
Michalek, Jeremy J.
Millet, Dylan B
Muller, Nicholas
Pandis, Spyros N.
Polasky, Stephen
Pope, Clive Arden
Presto, Albert

- Principal Investigators listed are
sub-PIs determined by the center.
Carnegie Mellon University, Brigham Young University, Health Canada - Ottawa, Imperial College, Middlebury College, The University of Texas at Austin, University of British Columbia, University of Minnesota, University of Washington, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University May 2016 -
April 2021  
May 2016   April 2021   PA  

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