Exploratory Research: Nanotechnology Research Grants Investigating Environmental and Human Health Effects of Manufactured Nanomaterials: a Joint Research Solicitation-EPA, NSF, NIOSH, NIEHS

Request for Applications closing date: February 22, 2006

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution PROJECT PERIOD Project Start Date Project End Date State
1 R833316
Aquatic Toxicity of Carbon-Based Nanomaterials at Sediment-Water Interfaces Deng, Baolin
Ingersoll, Chris
Li, Hao
Wang, Ning  
University of Missouri - Columbia, Columbia Environmental Research Center, USGS April 2007 -
June 2010  
April 2007   June 2010   MO  
2 R833317
Aquatic Toxicity of Waste Stream Nanoparticles Gordon, Terry
Chen, Lung Chi
Wirgin, Isaac  
New York University October 2006 -
September 2009  
October 2006   September 2009   NY  
3 R833318
Agglomeration, Retention, and Transport Behavior of Manufactured Nanoparticles in Variably-Saturated Porous Media Jin, Yan
Xiao, John  
University of Delaware March 2007 -
February 2011  
March 2007   February 2011   DE  
4 R833319
Innate Immune Response of an Aquatic Vertebrate Model to Manufactured Nanoparticles Assessed Using Genomic Markers Klaper, Rebecca
Chen, Jian
Goetz, Frederick  
University of Wisconsin - Madison April 2008 -
April 2011  
April 2008   April 2011   WI  
5 R833320
A Rapid In Vivo System for Determining Toxicity of Manufactured Nanomaterials Tanguay, Robert L.
Harper, Stacey  
Oregon State University September 2006 -
August 2009  
September 2006   August 2009   OR  
6 R833321
Carbon Nanotubes: Environmental Dispersion States, Transport, Fate, and Bioavailability Weber, Walter J.
Huang, Qingguo  
University of Michigan March 2007 -
March 2010  
March 2007   March 2010   MI  
7 R833322
Biological Fate & Electron Microscopy Detection of Nanoparticles During Wastewater Treatment Westerhoff, Paul
Alford, Terry
Rittman, Bruce  
Arizona State University - Main Campus May 2007 -
April 2010  
May 2007   April 2010   AZ  
8 R833323
Bioavailability and Fates of CdSe and TiO2 Nanoparticles in Eukaryotes and Bacteria Holden, Patricia
Nadeau, Jay L.
Stucky, Galen  
University of California - Santa Barbara, McGill University May 2007 -
May 2010  
May 2007   May 2010   CA  
9 R833324
Nanoparticle Stability in Natural Waters and its Implication for Metal Toxicity to Water Column and Benthic Organisms Ranville, James
Butler, Barbara
Jackson, Brian  
Colorado School of Mines, Dartmouth College April 2007 -
April 2011  
April 2007   April 2011   CO  
10 R833325
Genomics-based Determination of Nanoparticle Toxicity: Structure-function Analysis Bakalinsky, Alan T.
Li, Qilin  
Oregon State University, Rice University May 2007 -
May 2009  
May 2007   May 2009   OR  
11 R833326
The Effect of Surface Coatings on the Environmental and Microbial Fate of Nanoiron and Feoxide Nanoparticles Lowry, Gregory V.
Alvarez, Pedro J.
Kim, Chris
Minkley, Edwin
Tilton, Robert D.  
Carnegie Mellon University, Chapman University, Rice University September 2006 -
August 2009  
September 2006   August 2009   PA  
12 R833327
Methodology Development for Manufactured Nanomaterial Bioaccumulation Test Chen, Yongsheng
Chang, Yung
Crittenden, John C.
Hu, Qiang
Huang, C. P.
Sommerfeld, Milton  
Arizona State University - Main Campus, University of Delaware September 2006 -
August 2009  
September 2006   August 2009   AZ  
13 R833328
Impact of Physiochemical Properties on Skin Absorption of Manufactured Nanomaterials Xia, Xin-Rui
Monteiro-Riviere, Nancy A.
Riviere, Jim E.  
North Carolina State University September 2006 -
August 2009  
September 2006   August 2009   NC  
14 R833333
Ecotoxicology of Underivatized Fullerenes (C60) in Fish Henry, Theodore B.
Compton, Robert N.
Menn, Fu-Min
Sayler, Gary S.  
University of Tennessee - Knoxville May 2007 -
May 2010  
May 2007   May 2010   TN  
15 R833334
Comparative Life Cycle Analysis of Nano- and Bulk-materials in Photovoltaic Energy Generation Fthenakis, Vasilis
Themelis, Nickolas J.  
Columbia University in the City of New York June 2007 -
May 2009  
June 2007   May 2009   NY  
16 R833335
The Fate And Effects Of Nanosized Metal Particles Examined Along A Simulated Terrestrial Food Chain Using Genomic And Microspectroscopic Techniques Unrine, Jason M.
Bertsch, Paul M.
Neal, Andrew
Tsyusko, Olga V.  
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, University of Georgia, Rothamsted Research, University of Kentucky May 2007 -
October 2010  
May 2007   October 2010   GA  
17 R833336
Effects of Ingested Nanoparticles on Gene Regulation in the Colon Moos, Philip J.
Cutler, Ned S.
Veranth, John  
University of Utah April 2007 -
April 2009  
April 2007   April 2009   UT  
18 R833337
Characterization of the Potential Toxicity of Metal Nanoparticles in Marine Ecosystems Using Oysters Ringwood, Amy Huffman
Carroll, David Loren  
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Wake Forest University April 2007 -
April 2010  
April 2007   April 2010   NC  
19 R833338
Internalization and Fate of Individual Manufactured Nanomaterial within Living Cells Orr, Galya
Tarasevich, Barbara J.  
Battelle Memorial Institute, Pacific Northwest Division May 2007 -
December 2009  
May 2007   December 2009   WA  
20 R833339
Nanoparticle Toxicity in Zebrafish Mayer, Gregory D.
Nadeau, Jay L.
Nohe, Anja
Smorodin, V.  
University of Maine, McGill University October 2006 -
September 2009  
October 2006   September 2009   ME  
21 R833340
Photochemical Fate of Manufactured Carbon Nanomaterials in the Aquatic Environment Jafvert, Chad T.
Hua, Inez  
Purdue University May 2007 -
April 2009  
May 2007   April 2009   IN  

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