Developing Regional-Scale Stressor-Response Models for Use in Environmental Decision-making

Request for Applications closing date: July 17, 2002

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution PROJECT PERIOD Project Start Date Project End Date State
1 R830877
Stressor-Response Modeling of the Interactive Effects of Climate Change and Land Use Patterns on the Alteration of Coastal Marine Systems by Invasive Species Whitlatch, Robert B.
Osman, Richard W.  
University of Connecticut June 2003 -
May 2007  
June 2003   May 2007   CT  
2 R830878
A Shallow-water Coastal Habitat Model for Regional Scale Evaluation of Management Decisions in the Virginian Province Gallegos, Charles L.
Jordan, Thomas E.
Megonigal, J. P.
Neale, Patrick J.
Weller, Donald E.  
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center June 2003 -
September 2007  
June 2003   September 2007   MD  
3 R830879
Effects of Multiple Stressors on Aquatic Communities in the Prairie Pothole Region Schoff, Pat
Guntenspergen, Glenn R.
Johnson, Carter
Johnson, Catherine
Johnson, Lucinda
Olker, Jennifer H.  
University of Minnesota - Duluth, South Dakota State University, United States Geological Survey [USGS] April 2003 -
April 2007  
April 2003   April 2007   MN  
4 R830880
Development of Coupled Physical and Ecological Models for Stress-Response Simulations of the Apalachicola Bay Regional Ecosystem Harwell, Mark A.
Huang, Wenrui
Bugna, Glynnis
Dillon, Kevin
Gentile, John H.
Hsieh, Ping
Johnson, Elijah
Milla, Katherine
Wang, Hongqing  
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University July 2003 -
June 2007  
July 2003   June 2007   FL  
5 R830881
Development of a Regional-Scale Model for the Management of Multiple-Stressors in the Lake Erie Ecosystem Koonce, Joseph F.
Hobbs, Benjamin F.  
Case Western Reserve University, The Johns Hopkins University June 2003 -
May 2006
(Extended to May 2007)  
June 2003   May 2006
(Extended to May 2007)  
6 R830882
Developing Regional-scale Stressor Models for Managing Eutrophication in Coastal Marine Ecosystems, Including Interactions of Nutrients, Sediments, Land-use Change, and Climate Variability and Change Howarth, Robert W.
Alber, Merryl
Boyer, Elizabeth W.
Marino, Roxanne M.
Scavia, Donald
Swaney, Dennis P.  
Cornell University, SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse, University of Georgia, University of Michigan March 2003 -
June 2007  
March 2003   June 2007   NY  
7 R830883
Adaptive Implementation Modeling and Monitoring for TMDL Refinement Reckhow, Kenneth H.
Arhonditsis, George B.
Borsuk, Mark E.
McMahon, Gerard
Qian, Song S.
Roessler, Chris
Shabman, Leonard A.
Stow, Craig A.  
Duke University, North Carolina Division of Water Quality (DWQ), Resources for the Future, Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science & Technology (EAWAG), United States Geological Survey [USGS], University of South Carolina at Columbia June 2003 -
May 2006
(Extended to October 2007)  
June 2003   May 2006
(Extended to October 2007)  
8 R830884
Developing Relations Among Human Activities, Stressors, and Stream Ecosystem Responses and Linkage in Integrated Regional, Multi-Stressor Models Stevenson, R. Jan
Hyndman, David
Pijanowski, Bryan
Seelbach, Paul W.
Wiley, Michael J.  
Michigan State University, Purdue University, University of Michigan May 2003 -
April 2006
(Extended to January 2008)  
May 2003   April 2006
(Extended to January 2008)  
9 R830885
Development of Risk Propagation Model for Estimating Ecological Responses of Streams to Anthropogenic Watershed Stresses and Stream Modifications Novotny, Vladimir
Bartosova, Alena
Ehlinger, Timothy
Hellweger, Ferdinand
Kandiah, Ramanitharan
Langseth, David
Manolakos, Elias
O'Reilly, Neal  
Northeastern University, Illinois State Water Survey, Marquette University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee June 2003 -
May 2006
(Extended to May 2007)  
June 2003   May 2006
(Extended to May 2007)  
10 R830886
Application of Individual-based Fish Models to Regional Decision-making Lamberson, Roland H.
Railsback, Steven F.  
Humboldt State University May 2003 -
April 2006
(Extended to November 2006)  
May 2003   April 2006
(Extended to November 2006)  
11 R830887
Bayesian Methods for Regional-Scale Stressor-Response Models Lamon, E. Conrad
Stow, Craig A.  
Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge, University of South Carolina at Columbia May 2003 -
April 2006
(Extended to April 2008)  
May 2003   April 2006
(Extended to April 2008)  

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