Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking (EMPACT)

Request for Applications closing date: April 10, 2000

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution PROJECT PERIOD Project Start Date Project End Date State
1 R828575
Big Sioux River Drainage Basin Information Outreach Project Johnson, Lyle D.
Bender, Alan R.
Cowman, Tim
Gilbertson, Jay P.
Greenlee, David D
Sando, Steven K.
Smith, Kevin
Stefanich, Tim
Van Aartsen, Steven  
South Dakota State University, United States Geological Survey [USGS] January 2001 -
December 2002  
January 2001   December 2002   SD  
2 R828576
Community Water Quality Information System for a New and Sustainable Water Supply Pearthree, Marie S.
Chavez, Kathleen
Chesser, Sharyn
Cline, Linda
Davis, Stephen E.
Hines, Stefani
Johnson, Freda
Kaneen, Richard
Kotelman, Marleen
Lindsey, Marti
MacNeill, Elizabeth
Mariner, Linda
Matthewson, Charles H.
McGuire, Michael J.
Pepper, Ian L.
Rosen, Jeffrey S.
Wierenga, Peter J.  
City of Tucson, AZ, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Kaneen Advertising & Public Relations, Inc., McGuire Malcolm Pirnie Environmental Consultants, Pima County Health Department, Pima County Wastewater Management Department, Rillito Consulting Group, Technology Planning and Management Corporation, Tucson Unified School District, University of Arizona February 2001 -
January 2003
(Extended to January 2005)  
February 2001   January 2003
(Extended to January 2005)  
3 R828577
Rapid Mapping for Clean Air in Commerce City Martyny, John W.
Vogt, Richard L.
Milford, Jana B.
Moreno, Raphael
Ruttenber, A. James
Wagner, Lynn Robbio  
Tri-County Health Department, CO, Metropolitan State College of Denver, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Colorado at Denver January 2001 -
December 2002  
January 2001   December 2002   CO  
4 R828579
Lake Access: Managing Urban Runoff Using Real-Time, Community-Based Monitoring to Improve Lake Water Quality Barten, John
Axler, Richard
Hagley, Cindy
Host, George E.
Liukkonen, Barbara
Munson, Bruce
Owen, Christopher  
Suburban Hennepin Regional Park District, MN, Minnehaha Creak Watershed District, University of Minnesota - Duluth September 2000 -
September 2002  
September 2000   September 2002   MN  
5 R828580
Springfield Surface Water Action Monitoring Partnership (Sswamp) Galluzzo, Katie
Beattie, Mike
Cabral, Diedre
Godfrey, Paul J  
City of Springfield, MA, University of Massachusetts - Boston November 2000 -
October 2002  
November 2000   October 2002   MA  
6 R828581
Real-Time Internet Visualization and Environmental Reporting Network (RiverNet): the Upper Susquehanna/Lackawanna American Heritage River Tomaine, James
Bruns, Dale
Krehely, Robert  
Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority, PA, Wilkes University December 2000 -
August 2007  
December 2000   August 2007   PA  
7 R828582
Near-Real Time Monitoring of Inland Suburban Waterways: Application to Three Critical Environmental Issues Facing the North Shore/Metro Boston Pancost, David
Bade, Don
Candamartori, Emily
Hallas-Burt, Shanna
Henry, Tim
Hopkinson, Charles S
Lantagne, Daniele
Loder, Theodore
Mackin, Kerry
McClurg, Kevin
O'Connor, Beth
OConnor, Beth
Pellerin, Brian
Robinson, Keith
Tomczyk, Richard
Vörösmarty, Charles J.
Wolheim, Wil
Wollheim, Wil  
Town of Ipswich, Town of Ipswich, MA, Marine Biological Laboratory, United States Geological Survey [USGS], University of New Hampshire - Main Campus December 2000 -
November 2002  
December 2000   November 2002   MA  
8 R828583
Providing Timely Public Access to Daily Air Quality Information about Birmingham, AL and Its Regional Environment Bell, Sam
Bacon, Lee
Biazar, Arastoo
Coats, Carlie J.
Dillard, Randy
Gillani, Noor V.
Howard, Christopher
McHenry, John
Norris, W. B.
Vukovich, Jeff  
Jefferson County Department of Health, Jefferson County Department of Health, AL, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, MCNC / North Carolina Supercomputing Center, North Carolina Supercomputing Center, University of Alabama in Huntsville January 2001 -
December 2002
(Extended to December 2003)  
January 2001   December 2002
(Extended to December 2003)  

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