Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking (EMPACT)

Request for Applications closing date: April 8, 1999

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Project Period State
1 R827962
Public Reporting and Dynamic Access: Changing Regional Environmental Health of South Florida's Everglades Ecosystem Turcotte, Brian
Barry, Robert
Berry, Leonard
DeMaio, David
Mikkelsen, Paul
Pietrucha, Marie
Stutz, Doug
VanArnam, Jon
Zarillo, Kim  
South Florida Water Management District, Florida Center for Environmental Studies, Miami - Dade Community College, North Campus, Palm Beach Community College   FL  
2 R827963
The Tulsa Air and Water Quality Information System Hamilton, Monica
Kitz, Hilary
Jeffries, Rhonda
Kurlkin, Joanne
Pinc, Gaylon
Potter, William
Purser, Jane  
City of Tulsa, University of Tulsa, Indian Nations Council of Government, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, United States Geological Survey [USGS] February 2000 -
December 2001  
3 R827964
Paso del Norte Environmental Monitor Kooshian, Charles
Gonzalez-Ayala, Salvador
Gray, Robert W  
City of El Paso, TX, Instituto Municipal de Investigación y Planeación, The University of Texas at El Paso   TX  
4 R827965
Detroit--Ann Arbor Metro Public Information Project Kenyon, Cindy
Head, Rebecca
Moore, Leon
Rubin, Laura
Score, Mike
Sweat, Mike
VanderMeulen, Joe
Wades, Jim  
Michigan State University, Washtenaw County Department of Environment and Infrastructure Services, United States Geological Survey [USGS]   MI  
5 R827966
Onondaga Lake/Seneca River EMPACT Site Effler, Steven W.
Brooks, C. M.
Doerr O'Donnell, Susan M.
Driscoll, Charles T.
Gelda, Rakesh K.
Hassett, J.
List, R. L.
Michalenko, E. M.
O'Donnell, D. M.
Saunders, D. A.  
Syracuse City School District, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry   NY  
6 R827968
Environmental Monitoring and Awareness Program (E-MAP) for Healthy Water Meuli, R. Larry
Wilson, Dorothy
Fortney, Rick D.
McCall, C. Elizabeth  
Laramie County Information Technology Office November 1999 -
October 2000  
7 R827969
EMPACT Project for Narragansett Bay / Mount Hope Bay, Providence, Rhode Island / Fall River, Massachusetts Pavignano, Sharon L.
Deacutis, Christopher
Ellis, Taylor
Galagan, Christopher
Hickox, Sara C.
Howes, Brian
Howlett, Eoin
Kester, Dana
Mariscal, Juan
Rines, Henry
Scowcroft, Gail A.
Sullivan, Terry
Szelag, Jan  
The Narragansett Bay Commission, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, University of Rhode Island   RI  
8 R828211
St. Louis: Monitoring Environmental Parameters in a Community at Risk Forlaw, Blair
Kindleberger, Charles
McGraw, Kevin
Pelli, Sonya
Reardon, Kenneth F.  
East - West Gateway Coordinating Council May 2000 -
October 2001  

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