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Regional Air Pollution Mixtures

Harvard University

Our overarching goal is to generate new scientific knowledge on past and future US in air quality and the associated health impacts. Specifically, we will investigate the sources, composition, trends and effects of regional air pollutant mixtures across the US over a relatively long chronological period spanning past and future years (2000- 2040), and will examine the influence of climate, socioeconomic factors, policy decisions, and control strategies on air pollution, human health and economic outcomes.

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Main Center Abstract and Reports:

Regional Air Pollution Mixtures: The past and future impacts of emissions controls and climate change on air quality and health

Center Research Projects:

R835872C001 - Project 1: Regional Air Pollution Mixtures: The Past and Future Impacts of Emission Controls and Climate Change on Air Quality and Health

R835872C002 - Project 2: Air Pollutant Mixtures in Eastern Massachusetts: Spatial Multi-resolution Analysis of Trends, Effects of Modifiable Factors, Climate and Particle-induced Mortality

R835872C003 - Project 3: Causal Estimates of Effects of Regional and National Pollution Mixtures on Health: Providing Tools for Policy Makers

R835872C004 - A Causal Inference Framework to Support Policy Decisions by Evaluating the Effectiveness of Past Air Pollution Control Strategies for the Entire United States

R835872C005 - Project 5: Projecting and Quantifying Future Changes in Socioeconomic Drivers of Air Pollution and its Health-Related Impacts