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Heat-related Hospital Admissions Among the Elderly: Community, Socio-economic and Medical Determinants of Vulnerability and Economic Impacts
Grant Number R832752
RFA: The Impact of Climate Change & Variability on Human Health (2005)
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Journal Article Bell ML, O'Neill MS, Ranjit N, Borja-Aburto VH, Cifuentes LA, Gouveia NC. Vulnerability to heat-related mortality in Latin America: a case-crossover study in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Santiago, Chile and Mexico City, Mexico. International Journal of Epidemiology 2008;37(4):796-804. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article Conlon KC, Rajkovich NB, White-Newsome JL, Larsen L, O'Neill MS. Preventing cold-related morbidity and mortality in a changing climate. Maturitas 2011;69(3):197-202. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article Gronlund CJ, Zanobetti A, Schwartz JD, Wellenius GA, O'Neill MS. Heat, heat waves, and hospital admissions among the elderly in the United States, 1992-2006. Environ Health Perspectives 2014;122(11):1187-1192. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article Li B, Sain S, Mearns LO, Anderson HA, Kovats S, Ebi KL, Bekkedal MYV, Kanarek MS, Patz JA. The impact of extreme heat on morbidity in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Climatic Change 2012;110(3-4):959-976. R832750 (2007)
R832750 (Final)
R832752 (Final)
Journal Article O'Neill MS, Bell ML, Ranjit N, Cifuentes LA, Loomis D, Gouveia N, Borja-Aburto VH. Air pollution and mortality in Latin America: the role of education. Epidemiology 2008;19(6):810-819. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article O'Neill MS, Ebi KL. Temperature extremes and health: impacts of climate variability and change in the United States. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2009;51(1):13-25. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article O'Neill MS, Carter R, Kish JK, Gronlund CJ, White-Newsome JL, Manarolla X, Zanobetti A, Schwartz JD. Preventing heat-related morbidity and mortality: new approaches in a changing climate. Maturitas 2009;64(2):98-103. R832752 (2009)
R832752 (Final)
Journal Article O'Neill MS, Jackman DK, Wyman M, Manarolla X, Gronlund CJ, Brown DG, Brines SJ, Schwartz J, Diez-Roux AV. US local action on heat and health: are we prepared for climate change? International Journal of Public Health 2010;55(2):105-112. R832752 (2009)
R832752 (Final)
Journal Article Oswald EM, Rood RB, Zhang K, Gronlund CJ, O'Neill MS, White-Newsome JL, Brines SJ, Brown DG. An investigation into the spatial variability of near-surface air temperatures in the Detroit, Michigan, metropolitan region. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2012;51(7):1290-1304. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article Reid CE, O’Neill MS, Gronlund CJ, Brines SJ, Brown DG, Diez-Roux AV, Schwartz J. Mapping community determinants of heat vulnerability. Environmental Health Perspectives 2009;117(11):1730-1736. R832752 (2009)
R832752 (Final)
Journal Article Reid CE, Mann JK, Alfasso R, English PB, King GC, Lincoln RA, Margolis HG, Rubado DJ, Sabato JE, West NL, Woods B, Navarro KM, Balmes JR. Evaluation of a heat vulnerability index on abnormally hot days: an environmental public health tracking study. Environmental Health Perspectives 2012;120(5):715-720. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article White-Newsome JL, Sánchez BN, Parker EA, Dvonch JT, Zhang Z, O'Neill MS. Assessing heat-adaptive behaviors among older, urban-dwelling adults. Maturitas 2011;70(1):85-91. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article White-Newsome JL, Sánchez BN, Jolliet O, Zhang Z, Parker EA, Dvonch JT, O'Neill MS. Climate change and health: indoor heat exposure in vulnerable populations. Environmental Research 2012;112:20-27. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article White-Newsome JL, Brines SJ, Brown DG, Dvonch JT, Gronlund CJ, Zhang K, Oswald EM, O'Neill MS. Validating Satellite-derived land surface temperature with in situ measurements:a public health perspective. Environmental Health Perspectives 2013;121(8):925-931. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article White-Newsome J, O’Neill MS, Gronlund C, Sunbury TM, Brines SJ, Parker E, Brown DG, Rood RB, Rivera Z. Climate change, heat waves, and environmental justice: advancing knowledge and action. Environmental Justice 2009;2(4):197-205. R832752 (2009)
R832752 (Final)
Journal Article Zanobetti A, O'Neill MS, Gronlund CJ, Schwartz JD. Summer temperature variability and long-term survival among elderly people with chronic disease. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2012;109(17):6608-6613. R832416 (Final)
R832752 (Final)
R834798 (2012)
R834798 (2013)
R834798 (2014)
R834798 (Final)
R834798C002 (2012)
R834798C002 (2014)
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R834798C005 (Final)
Journal Article Zanobetti A, O'Neill MS, Gronlund CJ, Schwartz JD. Susceptibility to mortality in weather extremes: effect modification by personal and small-area characteristics. Epidemiology 2013;24(6):809-819. R832416 (Final)
R832752 (Final)
R834798 (Final)
Journal Article Zhang K, Oswald EM, Brown DG, Brines SJ, Gronlund CJ, White-Newsome JL, Rood RB, O'Neill MS. Geostatistical exploration of spatial variation of summertime temperatures in the Detroit metropolitan region. Environmental Research 2011;111(8):1046-1053. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article Zhang K, Rood RB, Michailidis G, Oswald EM, Schwartz JD, Zanobetti A, Ebi KL, O'Neill MS. Comparing exposure metrics for classifying 'dangerous heat' in heat wave and health warning systems. Environment International 2012;46:23-29. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article Zhang K, Li Y, Schwartz JD, O'Neill MS. What weather variables are important in predicting heat-related mortality? A new application of statistical learning methods. Environmental Research 2014;132:350-359. R832752 (Final)
Journal Article Zhang K, Chen YH, Schwartz JD, Rood RB, O'Neill MS. Using Forecast and observed weather data to assess performance of forecast products in identifying heat waves and estimating heat wave effects on mortality. Environmental Health Perspectives 2014;122(9):912-918. R832752 (Final)