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Air Quality and Reported Asthma Incidence in Illinois
Grant Number R829402C003
RFA: Environmental Statistics Center (2001)
Journal Article (3)
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Journal Article Eshel G, Bernstein JJ. Relationship between large-scale atmospheric states, subsidence, static stability and ground-level ozone in Illinois, USA. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 2006;171(1-4):111-133. R829402 (Final)
R829402C003 (2002)
R829402C003 (Final)
Journal Article Im H-K, Rathouz PJ, Frederick JE. Space-time modeling of 20 years of daily air temperature in the Chicago metropolitan region. Environmetrics 2009;20(5):494-511. R829402 (Final)
R829402C003 (Final)
Journal Article Naureckas ET, Dukic V, Bao X, Rathouz P. Short-acting β-agonist prescription fills as a marker for asthma morbidity. Chest 2005;128(2):602-608. R829402 (Final)
R829402C003 (2004)
R829402C003 (2006)
R829402C003 (Final)
Report Gu W, Rathouz P. Distributed lag model: analysis of air pollution on asthma occurrence. Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Center for Integrating Statistical and Environmental Science, October 2004, Technical Report No. 16. R829402 (Final)
R829402C003 (2004)
R829402C003 (Final)
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