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Determining and Modeling Diffusion-Limited Sorption and Desorption Rates of Organic Contaminants in Heterogeneous Soils
Grant Number R825689C047
RFA: Hazardous Substance Research Centers - HSRC (1989)
Journal Article (8)
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Journal Article Chrysikopoulos CV, Hildemann LM, Roberts PV. Modeling the emission and dispersion of volatile organics from surface aeration wastewater treatment facilities. Water Research 1992;26(8):1045-1052. R825689C047 (Final)
R825689C048 (Final)
Journal Article Dawson HE, Roberts PV. Influence of viscous, gravitational, and capillary forces on DNAPL saturation. Ground Water 1997;35(2):261-269. R825689C047 (Final)
Journal Article Gvirtzman H, Roberts PV. Pore scale spatial analysis of two immiscible fluids in porous media. Water Resources Research 1991;27(6):1165-1176. R825689C047 (Final)
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Journal Article Harmon TC, Roberts PV. Determining and modeling mass-transfer rate limitations in heterogeneous aquifers. Water Science & Technology 1992;26(1-2):71-77. R825689C047 (Final)
Journal Article Harmon TC, Roberts PV. The effect of equilibration time on desorption rate measurements with chlorinated alkenes and aquifer particles. Environmental Progress 1994;13(1):1-8. R825689C047 (Final)
R825689C063 (Final)
Journal Article Harmon TC, Roberts PV. Comparison of intraparticle sorption and desorption rates for a halogenated alkene in a sandy aquifer material. Environmental Science & Technology 1994;28(9):1650-1660. R825689C047 (Final)
Journal Article Lin J-S, Hildemann LM. Analytical solutions of the atmospheric diffusion equation with multiple sources and height-dependent wind speed and eddy diffusivities. Atmospheric Environment 1996;30(2):239-254. R825689C047 (Final)
R825689C048 (Final)
R825689C072 (Final)