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Riparian Reforestation in an Urbanizing Watershed: Effects of Upland Conditions on Instream Ecological Benefits
Grant Number R825798
RFA: Ecosystem Restoration (1997)
Journal Article (2)
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Journal Article Hession WC, Johnson TE, Charles DF, Hart DD, Horwitz RJ, Kreeger DA, Pizzuto JE, Velinsky DJ, Newbold JD, Cianfrani C, Clason T, Compton AM, Coulter N, Fuselier L, Marshall BD, Reed J. Ecological benefits of riparian reforestation in urban watersheds: study design and preliminary results. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 2000;63(1):211-222.349. R825798 (1999)
Journal Article Hession WC, Pizzuto JE, Johnson TE, Horwitz RJ. Influence of bank vegetation on channel morphology in rural and urban watersheds. Geology 2003;31(2):147-150. R825798 (Final)