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An Object-Oriented Integrating Framework for Multi-discipline Ecosystem Modeling
Grant Number R827959
RFA: Computing Technology for Ecosystem Modeling (1999)
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Presentation Alperin M, Bowen J, Herington D, Stotts D. A coupled water column-sediment biogeochemistry and hydrodynamic model for the Neuse River estuary. Presented at the 2001 Annual North Carolina Water Resources Research Conference, Watersheds to Estuaries: Basin Management in the 21st Century, Raleigh, NC, March 29, 2001. R827959 (2000)
R827959 (Final)
not available
Proceedings Stotts D, Smith J, Gyllstrom K. Support for distributed pair programming in the transparent video Facetop. In: Zannier C, Erdogmus H, Lindstrom L, eds. Extreme Programming and Agile Methods—XP/Agile Universe 2004: 4th Conference on Extreme Programming and Agile Methods, Calgary, Canada, August 2004, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3134). Berlin: Springer, September 20, 2004, pp. 92-104. R827959 (Final)
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