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Magnesium Rich Coatings for Corrosion Control of Reactive Metal Alloys
Grant Number X832541C006
RFA: Targeted Research Center (2006)
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Presentation Szabo I, DeRosa RL. Surface behavior of magnesium rich coatings. Poster presented at FSCT, 2007 FutureCoat, Toronto, Ontario, October 4, 2007. X832541C006 (2007)
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Proceedings DeRosa RL, Szabo I, Battocchi D, Bierwagen GP. Assessing the role of magnesium in magnesium rich coatings. In: Proceedings of the Federal for Societies of Coatings Technology (FSCT), 2007 FutureCoat, Toronto, Ontario, October 3-5, 2007. X832541C006 (2007)
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