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Development of the “Leland Legacy” Air Sampling Pump
Grant Number R828678C007
RFA: Mickey Leland National Urban Air Toxics Research Center (NUATRC) (1997)
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Journal Article Misra C, Singh M, Shen S, Sioutas C, Hall PM. Development and evaluation of a personal cascade impactor sampler (PCIS). Journal of Aerosol Science 2002;33(7):1027-1047. R827352 (2004)
R827352 (Final)
R827352C014 (Final)
R828678C007 (2001)
R828678C007 (2002)
R828678C007 (2003)
R828678C007 (2004)
R828678C007 (Final)
R828678C009 (2003)
R828678C009 (Final)

Hall PM, Krajewski C, Smith D. Development of a high-efficiency sampling pump for personal sampling of particulate matter. Houston, TX: The Mickey Leland National Urban Air Toxics Research Center, NUATRC Research Report 5, 2005.

R828678C007 (Final)
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