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Acid-Producing Metalliferous Waste Reclamation by Material Reprocessing and Vegetative Stabilization
Grant Number R825549C048
RFA: Hazardous Substance Research Centers - HSRC (1989)
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Dissertation/Thesis Jennings, S.R., 1993. Geochemical characterization of sulfide mineral weathering for remediation of acid producing mine wastes. M.S. Thesis. Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, 199 pp. R825549C048 (Final)
not available
Dissertation/Thesis Krueger, J., 1997. Clean Tailing Reclamation. M. S. Thesis, in preparation. Montana State University, Bozeman, MT. R825549C048 (Final)
not available
Journal Article Jennings SR, Dollhopf DJ. Acid-base account effectiveness for determination of mine waste potential acidity. Journal of Hazardous Materials 1995;41(2-3):161-175. R825549C048 (Final)
not available
Journal Article Jennings SR, Dollhopf DJ, Inskeep W. Hydrogen peroxide oxidation of sulfide and sulfate minerals for prediction of mine waste acid generation. Geological Society of America 1995;27(4):16. R825549C048 (Final)
not available
Proceedings Jennings, S.R., and J. Krueger. 1997. Clean Tailing Reclamation: Tailing reprocessing for sulfide removal and vegetation establishment. In: Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference on Hazardous Waste Research, Kansas State University, Manhattan Kansas,May 19-22, 1997, pp. 62-75. R825549C048 (Final)
not available
Symposium Jennings, S.R., 1996. Review of acid-base account as a predictive tool in drastically disturbed land reclamation. In: Seventh Billings Symp. On Disturbed Land Rehabilitation. Montana State Univ., Reclamation Resch. Publ. No. 9603, pp. 2-8. R825549C048 (Final)
not available