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NMR Imaging of Biofilm Growth in Porous Media
Grant Number R821268
RFA: Exploratory Research - Chemistry and Physics of Water (1995)
Journal Article (5)
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Journal Article Freitas AM, Sharma MM. Effect of surface hydrophobicity on the hydrodynamic detachment of particles from surfaces. Langmuir 1999;15(7):2466-2476. R821268 (Final)
Journal Article Hoskins BC, Fevang L, Majors PD, Sharma MM, Georgiou G. Selective imaging of biofilms in porous media by NMR relaxation. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 1999;139(1):67-73. R821268 (Final)
Journal Article Ong Y-L, Razatos A, Georgiou G, Sharma MM. Adhesion forces between E. coli bacteria and biomaterial surfaces. Langmuir 1999;15(8):2719-2725. R821268 (Final)
Journal Article Razatos A, Ong Y-L, Sharma MM, Georgiou G. Molecular determinants of bacterial adhesion monitored by atomic force microscopy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 1998;95(19):11059-11064. R821268 (Final)
Journal Article Razatos A, Ong Y-L, Sharma MM, Georgiou G. Evaluating the interaction of bacteria with biomaterials using atomic force microscopy. Journal of Biomaterials Science. Polymer Edition 1998;9(12):1361-1373. R821268 (Final)
Proceedings Hoskins BC, Majors P, Sharma MM, Georgiou G. Non-invasive imaging of biofilms in porous media using NMR methods. In: Proceedings of the SPEIEPA Exploration and Production Environmental Conference, Austin, TX, February 28-March 3, 1999. R821268 (Final)