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Environmental Applications of Novel Instrumentation for Measurement of Lead Isotope Ratios In Atmospheric Pollution Source Apportionment Studies
Grant Number R826177
RFA: Exploratory Research - Environmental Chemistry (1997)
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Presentation Graney JR, Keeler GJ, Landis MS, Christensen JN, Halliday AN. Environmental applications of novel instrumentation for measurement of lead isotope ratios in precipitation samples from the Great Lakes region. Presented at the 42nd Conference of the International Association of Great Lakes Research, Cleveland, OH, 1999. R826177 (Final)
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Presentation J. R. Graney will present the first formal presentation of results from this study at the IAGLR (International Association of Great Lakes Research) Conference in Cleveland, Ohio on May 25-29, 1999. The presentation will examine regional versus urban influences on the composition of precipitation in the Great Lakes area. Examples of how measurements of Pb isotope ratios can be directly coupled with those of Hg and other trace element determinations for a better understanding of source/receptor relationships will be presented. R826177 (1998)
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Proceedings Graney JR, Keeler GJ, Christensen JN. Environmental applications of MC-ICPMS: using Pb isotope ratios from precipitation samples to constrain pollutant source and fate in the Great Lakes and South Florida Regions. In: Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Measurement of Toxic and Related Air Pollutants, Research Triangle Park, NC, 2000. R826177 (Final)
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Proceedings Graney JR, Christensen JN, Keeler GJ, Halliday AN, Landis MS, Dvonch JT. Environmental applications of multiple collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry: measurements of lead isotopic ratios in precipitation from the Great Lakes and Everglades Regions. In: Proceedings of the Ninth Annual V.M. Goldschmidt Conference, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX, 1999, p. 103. LPI Contribution No. 971. R826177 (Final)
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