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Statistical Approaches to Detection and Downscaling of Climate Variability and Change
Grant Number R829402C006
RFA: Environmental Statistics Center (2001)
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Journal Article Stoner AMK, Hayhoe K, Wuebbles DJ. Assessing general circulation model simulations of atmospheric teleconnection patterns. Journal of Climate 2009;22(16):4348-4372. R829402 (Final)
R829402C006 (Final)
Journal Article Tebaldi C, Hayhoe K, Arblaster JM, Meehl GA. Going to the extremes: an intercomparison of model-simulated historical and future changes in extreme events. Climatic Change 2006;79(3-4):185-211. R829402 (Final)
R829402C006 (2006)
R829402C006 (Final)
Journal Article Vrac M, Stein ML, Hayhoe K, Liang X-Z. A general method for validating statistical downscaling methods under future climate change. Geophysical Research Letters 2007;34(18):L18701 (5 pp.). R829402 (Final)
R829402C006 (Final)
R830963 (Final)
Journal Article Vrac M, Hayhoe K, Stein M. Identification and intermodel comparison of seasonal circulation patterns over North America. International Journal of Climatology 2007;27(5):603-620. R829402 (Final)
R829402C006 (Final)
Journal Article Vrac M, Stein M, Hayhoe K. Statistical downscaling of precipitation through nonhomogeneous stochastic weather typing. Climate Research 2007;34(3):169-184. R829402 (Final)
R829402C006 (Final)